Hot to Trot: Athletic Wear Must-Haves II

It’s safe to say that the New Year’s surge of joining health clubs has passed. What has not changed is the desire to look amazing even while busting a sweat at the gym. The old look is frumpy sweats, a stained t-shirt and sneakers that have seen more miles than Route 66. IamMoody refuses to let you look like you rolled out of bed while your at the gym, so here are some hand-picked selections that will make the guys and girls alike look like they care not only about their health, but their appearance as well.

CHP_CT2231_OxfordGrey_is1: Champion “Cotton Men’s Jersey”
Cotton is without a doubt one of the easiest fabric’s to wear while working out. The muscle tee style is sleeveless which is great, less resistance and allows those tone arms to be seen by all of your adoring fans. Better yet, it’s designed without a tag, so you will never have to worry about that irritating itch on the back of your neck. Champion products are available not only at Target but also direct from Champion USA. Throw away that old, raggity t-shirt you have had for over a decade, and pick up one of these inexpensive wonders from Champion.

110308_hol12lcyASPHALTHEATHER2: Lucy “Perfect Booty Capri Legging”
One of the big trends among women of all ages is to wear leggings as pants… all the time. It used to be these would only get worn at the gym or while running, but now they are being worn to go to the store, the deli, a movie, pretty much anywhere. The Perfect Booty Capri Legging from Lucy however is truly intended for use in an active setting thanks mostly in part to the fantastic ability to breath while you work out. They are perfect for Summer workouts to help you stay cool but covered. Not only does it cover, but it helps define your shape, hence the “perfect booty” name. In fact, this is just one piece from the Perfect Booty Collection. They are a little bit more pricey than some can afford, but they are very well worth it. You can find them at


Stay tuned for even more from IamMoody!

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