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This event was one that caught the two of us a little bit off guard with just a few hours notice, but we were just as excited to be in attendance nonetheless! Luckily, we are well-practiced professionals at getting ready in a time crunch, and knew exactly where to go to get fitted. We kicked it into high gear and hustled over to our favorite last-minute shopping destination Second Début and

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came out with some amazing items. Once we arrived at the Lundstrum Center on the north side of Minneapolis, we learned that the event was called “Broadway Meets Runway”, their 5thannual variety show fundraiser that not only benefits student scholarships and the many programs that the center provides, but also showcases the very special talent that the Lundstrum Center cultivates. This event is important for them because over 40% of students who attend are receiving various forms of financial assistance funded by donations from local donors. The recipients of these programs and scholarships are predominantly children who live locally, and there are even a few classes for adults.



Photo By: Gabby Navarro

Walking through the door, the Lundstrum Center is undeniably a warm, positive place. There was an excellent turnout for the event; tons of people got acquainted to each other over refreshments from the bar that was provided. After the social hour had ended, we moved into the adjoining room and found our seats just a few rows from the runway. The host of the night was award-winning journalist and founder/CEO of Rox Jewelry Robyne Robinson, who had also at one point attended the Lundstrum. After a few words, we watched a short video that highlighted some of the students’ and teachers’ personal stories of accomplishments and learning experiences they’ve shared together. After the video, Robyne closed the introduction, and the performances began!


Photo By: Gabby Navarro

Photo By: Gabby Navarro


The show was kick-started with a small chorus of children who came out to perform a delightful tune about the arriving snow, which blended into a small excerpt from Tchaikovsky’s ballet the Nutcracker, performed by a blend of Lundstrum students and Ordway professionals. After the performance, the predominantly-menswear boutique BlackBlue sent a few dapper looks down the runway, followed by a selection of leather and fur coats by Ribnick. The stage emptied and quickly returned to life with a fun skit. Actors in Grease-like 50’s garb sang and danced across the stage, and after they boogied down the runway, they were replaced by a 3-woman chorus. After another great performance, Primp Cheap-Chic Boutique sent down a small collection of evening attire that women of all ages could easily wear. June

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Upscale Resale was up next with a great mix of pieces; leading the collection was an ultra-cozy and one-of-a-kind sweater dress, followed by an array of unique evening dresses and separates. There was one piece in particular that screamed out for our attention, an incredible, diva-liciouis cobalt blue bead and sequin jumpsuit;

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this piece alone made us feel obligated to come check out the boutique to see what we can find for ourselves! After June had shown their selection, Ribnick Furs sent a few more unique shearling coats down the runway, which concluded the second fashion portion of the night. In

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a few moments, the stage light up once again with a large womens’ chorus, with a short childrens’ skit after. When the performances were done, Lundstrum students and participants walked the runway. The final fashion portion of the show  was kick-started with more contemporary eveningwear from Stephanie’s; From an emerald green mini dress  to a half-sheer pleated maxiskirt, you’re sure to make an entrance with any piece from Stephanie’s  Designer consignment boutique. Rodeo Drive tempted and teased the crowd with an interesting selection of separates. It was clear they chose only the most unique garments for the show, as told by the textured gold dress pants and bubblegum pink swing jacket. Ribnick gave us a

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final glimpse of there leather and fur selection, and the stage cleared once again. After a few moments, several ladies dressed in glamorous Arafina, Emma Berg, and Brides of France evening gowns stood on the side of the stage, chatting among themselves. Slowly, more men and women entered the stage, and when a young man dressed in a sharp tuxedo entered the end of the runway, it was apparent that a wedding was about to begin. A young girl and boy walked down the “aisle” together as a ring bearer and flower girl, and Brides of France showed a portion of their bridal selection. After the last bridal looks walked off of the runway, everyone in the nights show did a final walk-through to finalize the fifth successful Broadway to Runway fundraiser performances.

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After the crowd left the theater and entered the main room, we enjoyed a variety of tasty sweets and reviewed the highlights of the night. As we made our way through the people, we noticed there was a large table set up in the next room. As we got closer we saw it was Robyne Robinson displaying and selling her exotic pieces from her jewelry collection, Rox. We were blown away by all of the one-of-a-kind pieces and also by the materials that they were made of: silver from Bali, African brass,Tibet agate, and carved jade to name a few, many from her travels around the world. Her knowledge of natural materials and places was incredible, and is clearly shown through her work. We are so glad we chose to take a closer look!


We feel so blessed to have been invited to this event. Everyone involved in

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making this happen has a true passion for what they do for the children and the community around them, which reflects on the Lundtsrum Center’s compassionate history. The original Lundstrum Studio began in the 20’s when Dorothy and her sisters Lorraine and Marion took over the Ascension School of Dance. Dorothy taught local students all the way into the late 90’s. In 1998, Dorothy passed away and left the Lundstrum to Kerry, Sue, Janie, Laurie, and Amy Casserly, daughters of friend and former student Lois Casserly. In 2000, the Lundstrum Center reopened, and specialized in training for Broadway Musical Theatre. In 2004, The Lundstrum expanded and moved into their current location at 1617 North

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Second Street. The Casserly sisters take pride on maintaining Dorothy’s guiding principles: “Respect the dignity of the individual, true beauty is a reflection of God, it is uplifting and comes from within, nurture children in mind, body and spirit to release their artistic capacity, and our philosophy is: I can, I am, and I will” This sense of accomplishment was clearly displayed as excited looks on the kids’ faces after the show, telling us all that they were proud of their performance and of themselves. The Lundstrum Center is more than just a performing arts school; it is a symbol of hope and what is to come when you work just a little bit harder, and believe in yourself just a little bit more.

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