Braboleta is now hiring for an Assistant Manager! Does this sound like you?

One of our favorite stores; La Bratique is now hiring for a Full Time Assistant Store Manager/Bra Fitter for their New Store Braboleta on 50th and France! Below is a job description and details. Good luck!


Braboleta, a new concept bra fitting store located at 50th and France in Edina is looking for an Assistant Store Manager dedicated to making every young woman feel confident in her own body.  If you are a high energy leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, self-confidence, a flair for merchandising, are reliable & organized and want to make a difference in how a girl views her world, please apply.  Braboleta’s vision is to become the national resource, partner & destination for girls and their mothers to learn about their changing bodies, how to care for it and offer tips to gracefully bloom into their full potential. We are looking for a positive role model.


Hours: 40 hours per week,  Monday – Saturday,  11-7pm, with some flexibility in schedule.


The assistant store manager is responsible for ensuring the smooth and successful operation of the entire store; with a primary emphasis on bra fittings, merchandising and social media marketing.


Team Leader:

· Act as the lead bra fit specialist and teach on-going fit technique to other staff members to ensure proper fit is carefully selected for each customer.
· Provide direction to sales associates & bra fit specialists to ensure smooth operation of the store.

· Motivate & educate staff to be knowledgeable on products, store marketing strategy and event details.

∙ Assist in training staff in all areas of appropriate register usage and maintenance.

∙ Assist in the development of associates sales techniques to maximize sales and cross sales.

∙ Responsible for opening and closing the store.
· Provide feedback and suggestions to owner

Customer service:
· Provide excellent and friendly customer service to all guests. Make customers feel at ease & confident by educating them on their changing bodies, and creating a positive body image.

· Encourage clientele to be self-empowered.
· Ring up and wrap in-store purchases and process returns.
· Process special orders, transfers, and holds.

∙ Resolve all client problems and complaints quickly & effectively, ensuring client satisfaction.

· Answer phone calls and schedule fitting appointments.


· Work with store manager to plan and execute sales, special events and store marketing strategy.
· Market events, sales, health education & girl empowerment via Facebook, Twitter and in-store displays.

· Facilitate and educate groups as presenter during in-house seminars.


· Assist with inventory selection & buying

· Build inventory into POS system.
· Plan window/display themes and change displays monthly
· Pull down and re-stock merchandise
· Maintain optimal inventory levels
· Receive new merchandise and organize backstock
· Process defective items
· Help minimize shrinkage

General store duties:
· Keep bags, gift boxing, and office supplies stocked
· Dust, sweep, and vacuum sales floor
· Take out cardboard and garbage
· Additional duties as requested


∙ 1 – 2 years of Assistant Management or Team Lead Experience.

∙ Experience creating and executing store & window merchandising displays.

∙ Current on Twitter and Social Media use.

∙ Strong sales experience with a record of meeting sales goals.

· High energy, detail-oriented, pro-active, hard-working, enthusiastic, reliable team player.

∙ Bra fitting experience a bonus, but not required.

∙ Capable to stand and walk during scheduled hours.
· Capable of lifting shipments & moving store fixtures weighing up to 40 lbs.
· Good computer skills: Word, Excel, POS system

∙ Excellent communication skills both verbal and non-verbal.


You can contact Tracy or Jackie at:

Phone: (612) 325-6620



Address: 5007 France Avenue S
Suite 1 (2nd floor)
Minneapolis, MN



“Fashion for Life Styling” – Benefit for Susan G. Komen

Second Debut LogoHere’s a wonderful collaboration that you won’t want to miss …

“Fashion for Life Styling”
Thursday, April 11 5-8 pm
Second Debut, 4300 West 36 ½ Street, St. Louis Park

This is sponsored by the Minnesota Women’s Sale Council with a $5 donation to benefit breast cancer research for Susan G. Komen. The focus is “Nine to Nine … and All of the Playful Layers in Between” – styling tips for women and men on mannequins plus volunteers from the audience.

Come support our local store Second Debut, Minnesota Women’s Sale Council, and breast cancer research for Susan G. Komen!


Top Three Trends To Try This Spring

Does anyone else feel like Mother Nature is playing a huge practical joke on all of us?!  It was just officially the “first day of spring” and there is still two feet of snow on the ground… Come on now, enough with the snow! All I want is a little Vitamin D and sandals! With all of this depressing weather I wanted to try to brighten up the day with these top three trends to try this spring.

Checkers is not only a board game, but one of most fashion forward prints you can try this Spring…. And it is not just black and white! Have fun with colors, like Louis Vuitton’s stunning 2013 Spring/Summer Collection. If you haven’t checked out his insane runway show, you definitely need to “YouTube” it:   Aquilano Rimondi has a Queen of Hearts vibe from Alice in Wonderland,  if only she was the Queen of Diamonds or rather Checkers instead. The reason I love this trend so much is that it has kind of mod and punk feel, yet is still very feminine.

Louis Vuitton Spring/ Summer 2013

Aquilano Rimondi Spring/Summer 2013

Aquilano Rimondi Spring/Summer 2013

Electric Colors are a must for spring, because they have the ability to make any skin tone glow. Diane von Furstenberg’s (DVF) lime green ready-to-wear dress is eye catching with its fun cut-outs on the bodice and playful skirt. Monochromatic colors are also playing a big role this spring. Try mixing different shades of the same hue like DVF did with the neckline and silhouette. Gucci’s Electric blue suit is on point with fashion forward business women. I can see her going head to head with the men kicking butt in her stilettos.

Diane von Furstenberg Spring/ Summer 2013

Diane von Furstenberg Spring/ Summer 2013

Gucci Spring/ Summer 2013

Gucci Spring/ Summer 2013

Exotic Prints are a sure fire way to make a statement with your outfit this season. Think outside of the box rather than your tradition Zebra and Leopard print; try a garment with saturated and rich colors like these J. Crew Collection silk pants. Floral prints have continued to be a recurring trend in the past few seasons, but what sets this season apart is that the colors are so wild and vivid! Mixing prints is a talent and Carlos Miele does it beautifully with this strapless dress layered with a chiffon poncho from his Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. When mixing prints make sure that the main color of one pattern is repeated in the second pattern, so that each garment has one color in common. For example, Carlos Miele’s dress is yellow zebra print and that is the main color of the pattern; the main color of the poncho is blue, but there is yellow in the pattern too. Because the color yellow is repeated in the two pieces, that is why it works so well.

J. Crew Collection silk pant in painter's floral

J. Crew Collection silk pant in painter’s floral

Carlos Miele Spring/Summer 2013

Carlos Miele Spring/Summer 2013

This Spring should be full of fearless fashionistas testing out these three top trends; Checkers, Electric Colors, and Exotic Prints. I also can’t wait to see all of the creative prints and patterns that will be mixed!  Enjoy the color… We all need an extra-large dose after this winter!

Author & Editor

Jordan J. Nentl

Second Début’s Spring Preview

Temps may be dropping but fashionistas everywhere are busy plotting out their spring garb!
If you love a designer bargain and a good cause head on over to the non-profit designer boutique, Second Début Renewed Fashions, next Thursday, February 7th for their annual Spring Preview.
Amazing selection of designers including stellar swag from Jean Paul Gualtier, Brunello Cuccinelli, Max Mara, Prada etc..
Tickets are $5 ahead of time and $7 at the door- they are also a charitable donation :)
See you there!

Spring Preview Flier

Second Début

4300 W. 36 1/2 St.
(Just off Excelsior Blvd.)
St. Louis Park, MN 55416



La Bratique: “La Femme La Fashion”

As the fall season draws nearer to winter and we all start to bundle up in our favorite sweaters and coats, us women are covering up some things that may have been forgotten since the steamy summertime. No, not our legs or arms…think just a little higher up, and don’t be afraid if your mind wanders into the gutter. Why? Because we’re talking about our bosoms, of course! Now that we are no longer soaking up the sun and baring it all in our barely-there bikinis, it’s easy to forget about our good friends residing just below our collarbones. Ladies, we are here to speak for the boobs! An important part of womens’ health and well-being, taking proper care of these guys is just as important as brushing your teeth before you go to bed or taking off your makeup so your pores don’t get clogged. You may think taking a quick trip to Victoria’s Secret for your favorite bra is the one-size-fits-all solution to finding a bra for the year ahead, but that may not always be the case. Seeing as a bra is not a one-size-fits-all product, many larger-busted women get frustrated when looking for something to fit and support their unique shape in the correct size for them, without sacrificing aesthetic value. We have found the solution to incorrect sizing and unattractive intimates in the form of a lingerie boutique right on 50th &France called La Bratique.


We were first introduced to La Bratique through several interactions with employee Jackie Wallin, who excitedly urged us to check it out after chatting about our own personal “ugly intimates woes”. Every time we spoke with her, she was encouraging us to come in for a fitting, swearing by the talent of her and partner/owner of 5 years Tracy Anderson, as well as their fab European products. When IamMoody and La Bratique teamed up to bring us their first ever runway event “La Femme La Fashion” coming up on November 12th, we were thrilled to have our excuse to come in for ourselves! Since all of their fittings are done in a pre-scheduled, private one-on-one session, we initially expected everything to be way out of our price range.

Getting sized and fitted by Tracy was an absolute delight. Even though we are not particularly shy people, we don’t think any woman gets excited about getting topless for another while trying on bras. There is just something about her that would make even the most timid woman feel incredibly comfortable and at ease; She laughed with us, telling us that even the shyest of women come in to their fittings feeling a little self conscious, and by the end of their time they are walking around in their undergarments in La Bratiques’ main room, completely disregarding the window view that is visible from the street. Tracy is extremely professional and aims to get the perfect bra and fit for all customers; no matter what they might be looking for! “The average American woman’s breast size is D or DD.” Now that was a statement we were not expecting to hear. Coming from women who share the big-breasted-burden, we had expected the average to be smaller, something like a B or C cup. Well, we were wrong about that! We also walked in to our appointment wearing what we were told were correct sized bras for each of us; but we were wrong again! One thing Tracy emphasizes is education. During a fitting, she is constantly explaining her process for selecting the perfect bra; she thoroughly describes why each item is or is not working on your body. It is truly an impossible feat to leave without taking customized information about your specific body shape and the support it needs. One thing left us flabbergasted was when she mentioned that some women in their 50’s and 60’s come in to get fitted by her, having worn the wrong bra size their whole life! We are so happy we got to her sooner! Just by hearing Tracy speak, her mission is visible: to educate females as early as possible about the importance of wearing the right bra for your body shape. Its more than customer service, she really cares about women and their health.

After we left, we were able to see what it means to actually have “support” in a bra. It easy to look at elements of design, but it is not so easy to look at an intimate and evaluate exactly how it will fit once on the body. Even though we know the importance of support and coverage, there is no need to forgo the sex appeal at La Bratique. In fact, their luxurious selection re-defines what it is to be sexy and to have sex appeal, without melon-like cleavage and constant re-adjustment. Looking back, it was a pleasant surprise when we discovered the prices of these items are considerably lower than we anticipated-their price range runs from about $55-$175 for a bra, not quite the $250 we would have expected due to their professional nature and expertise.

Come watch as our gorgeous Gabby Navarro strut her stuff along with four other beautiful models in the upcoming runway event “La Femme La Fashion” on November 12th. You can check out La Bratique’s website at The show will be accessorized with glamorous jewelry from local jewelry designer Realia by Jen, we highly suggest stopping by her page here

Event info for La Femme La Fashion on November 12th

Location: Bella Salon and Spa at 50th andFrance(3811 W. 50th Street,Edina)

Time: 5:30-10:00pm

The evening will have a limited guest list, RSVP required!


Authors and Editors

Jordan Nentl & Gabby Navarro

You & Me: In-Store Showcase

“Will you be my new friend?” was the theme received from the You & Me Boutique. Within 30 seconds of entering the door Tim welcomed us with a lively approach and smile. The atmosphere was great; there was a live pianist and lots of chatty people. You & Me were featuring local designers: Samantha R. Crossland of Blasphemina’s Closet, Samuel James for Skinned, Missie Kittok of Affair Nights Longing, and Sina Y. [Design] Collection. You could really tell the staff enjoyed being at the You & Me Store. It was nice to see the t-shirts we wandered past matched their overall attitude.

Tim came up to us and gave us a tour of the store. He and his brother, Thom Navarro along with friends Jim and Katy Vereide own the store and opened it together about two years ago. They do everything from in-store tailoring to custom design and jewelry.  The store capitalizes on the custom shopping experience: there are work stations set up throughout the store, providing each customer with a role in the creative process of their garment. They’re not shy about their mission, you can find it right on their website: “We carry no sizes, if it fits it’s yours, if it doesn’t we can either alter it to fit or design something custom for you.” This boutique may not carry sizes, but they do carry something more important: an aim-to-please attitude and willingness to go the extra mile.

Not only are the folks at You & Me experts at tailoring and design, but they also make a killer drink! Their signature drink is called “The Button.” Light and refreshing just like their creators, it is concocted of mango, orange and pineapple juice, vodka and seltzer.

We  were immediately drawn to the most adorable and trendy accessory everyone should try this fall, a faux-collar necklace. These beauties come in all patterns and textures for you to find the one that fits your personal style best; from an argyle number with feather accents, to vintage-inspired with lace trimming, and shearling. Put the argyle collar with fur detailing on top of a black long sleeve top with a sheer chest and long sleeves tucked into a gray pencil skirt with black lace up booties. Another way to try the faux-collar look would be to pair the gray beaded collar with a green, chunky-knit scoopneck sweater casually tucked into an a-line black leather above-the-knee skirt. With so many styling possibilities, we definitely need to go back and buy one…or all of them!

Metallic is overtaking the runways. This year-round trend makes these pieces easy to transition from Fall to Spring. The first cropped top has a gold and black circular print pattern for the bust and a cut out lace chest detailing. You do not need to rely on jewelry to make a statement when wearing this top! Match it up with a pair of black skinnies, a blazer and a pair of booties and you’re ready to go out for a night on the town. The middle shell would be perfect paired with a wide leg pant and sky high stilettos. The leaf appliqué makes the blue sequin bandeau a fun way to resist the cold weather by baring just a sliver of tummy with a high-waisted bottom and jacket. Either way you dress it, adding metallic is an effortless way to make any size, shape, color, or age stand out in any crowd.

It’s hard to believe that we have never happened across this little gem in Uptown, tucked away between the Red Dragon and Clown Glass; but I am very happy we came to check it out, and look forward to many more visits in the future! A big thanks again to Tim & Thom Navarro and also Jim & Katy Vereide for their incredibly warm and genuine hospitality.

Authors and Editors

Jordan Nentl & Gabby Navarro
Check You & Me out at:

2114B Lyndale Ave S

Mpls, MN 55405

Phone: 612-823-8200

Vintage Did It First

Blacklist Vintage was packed with local vintage fashion lovers for their Second Annual Vintage Did It First show. The idea is simple: using the stores many treasures to re-create trendy modern-day styles using the clothes that bored them at first. Stylists use vintage clothing to re-create the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Lanvin, Valentino, and many more. Here are our three favorite styles that we think are easiest to incorporate into day to day wear.

First is the Crimson Velvet Pant Suit inspired by Ralph Lauren. Why do we love it? Overall, the rich, luxe texture; it brings an edge to any look and gives an otherwise basic suit more substance. We love the chandelier necklace and the smoking slippers are a nice touch.


Next, is the Boho Sweater inspired by Michael Kors. This look consists of a basic gold/ metallic dress coupled with a carelessly chic long neutral sweater with a fur collar. A must for this outfit is an updo.  If you have long flowing hair it would only distract from the beauty of the collar. Using a patent leather belt shows off the waist and makes the look complete.



The key piece that inspired our next choice ensemble is Vivienne Westwood’s wool plaid pants. The belted, high-rise waistline creates an hourglass shape every woman lusts for, while the gradually tapered leg makes for a long, more sexy overall appearance. The graphic tee and trench coat add a casual punk rock feel.

     A special thanks to Blacklist Vintage for hosting an delightful event. Shopping your amazing collection of merchandise, $3 drinks and awesome throwback music was a treat. PHOTOS BY STACY SCHWARTZ on Saturday, September 22, 2012.

Blacklist Vintage

25 E 26th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Authors and Editors

Jordan Nentl & Gabby Navarro