Animal Humane Society

As the leading animal welfare organization in the Upper Midwest, the Animal Humane Society is committed to engaging and serving local communities of people and animals and providing comprehensive programs and services to compassionately serve all of the stages of an animal’s life. At their campuses in Buffalo, Coon Rapids, Golden Valley, St. Paul and Woodbury, their mission is to engage the hearts, hands and minds of the community to help animals.

Animals are a wonderful part of our lives. They are the pets that greet us when we come home from work; they are the assistance that people need to make it through the day; they are the vital part of our worlds ecology.

The Animal Humane Society offers adoption services, so instead of looking at craigslist or asking friends, check with them first about adopting a new member into your family. They also offer education about animals, rescue animals in need and will take in animals that must be surrendered by their owners.

There is no reason why animals should be neglected, be good to them and they will be good to you. The Animal Humane Society offers so many services, go take a look at and see how they can help you get a new pet, or how you can get involved to make the lives of animals safer, better and more rewarding.

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