3rd Annual Police Chiefs’ Gala for the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Foundation

IamMoody is proud to produce the 3rd Annual Police Chiefs’ Gala for the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Foundation

This annual event is designed to help create awareness of the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Foundation and the causes they support. This year’s goal is to raise at least $25,000 for ethics-based leadership training for Minnesota law enforcement agencies; college scholarships for up-and-coming law enforcement students; a statewide 8th grade essay contest to encourage thoughtful solutions from young teens about issues such as bullying and internet cruelty; and charitable causes in our Minnesota communities including Special Olympics Minnesota.

The event will feature an all-inclusive dinner, live auction and silent auction, friends of the association, keynote speakers, and regional guests.
Come join an exciting crowd and have a great night with the Chiefs.

Date: Thursday, February 23rd, 2012
Time: 5:30pm – 10:00pm

Black tie optional.

Location: Minneapolis Marriott  Southwest, 5801 Opus Parkway,  Minnetonka, MN 55424
Rooms can be reserved at the Minneapolis Marriott Southwest for the evening of Feb 23rd, 2012 for a “Police Chiefs Rate” of $109.00. You must contact the hotel directly.

Please RSVP for this event one of three ways (early bird pricing is available until Dec 15th, 2011):

Gala Sponsorship Platinum – $1,400/$1,500 after Dec 15, 2011
Ten tickets at a table of 10
Your logo on the sponsor wall
Logo on the program and Chiefs website
Logo at your sponsored table

Public Safety Community Member (Active/Retired) – $70/$75 after Dec 15, 2011

Individual attendance – $95/$100 after Dec 15, 2011

Consider a direct monetary donation to the Minnesota Chiefs of PoliceFoundation; a 501C3 tax-exempt organization.

Donate prizes, gift baskets or experience from your communities or place of work, please contact the Minnesota Chief of Police Foundation or call direct to 651.457.0677. Live auction prizes and their donors will be highlighted in a media presentation.

New York Fashion Week Series, Part 3 – Fashion Week Recap

Now that fashion week has finally passed in New York, it’s time to do a short recap of some of the best styles that were seen in the ending days. A few designers that have particularly stood out in the past week are Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Anna Sui, Michael Kors, Vera Wang, and Dennis Basso. Although this may seem like an extensive list to showcase, once you have browsed the glory of these collections for Fall 2012, I’m certainly that you’ll agree that they are particularly outstanding in their own way. All photos appear as courtesy from StyleBistro.

Ralph Lauren

It’s easy to understand why Ralph Lauren’s collection was showcased on the last day of fashion week. Considering how remarkably unforgettable this collection is, it’s clear that Ralph Lauren is a perfect example of saving the best for last. Perhaps the best element of Ralph Lauren this year are the amazingly tailored suits that were introduced. Additionally, the elegant swoop of the red and black coat pictured in the bottom right of the first is a must-have and will probably set off a lot of related fashion trends.

Anna Sui

This gorgeous collection from Anna Sui is a unique mix of elegant mysticism and casual clothing. There is so much detail that has been combined into the designs of this collection, many of these ensembles could leave you feeling like pure royalty. Some of the more casual styles are also reminiscent of the fashionable nomadic style that is becoming increasingly popular on the runway. This is another collection that has made perfect use of colors – likewise, many of these ensembles are suitable for wearing throughout the year.

Calvin Klein

When it comes to having a signature style, Calvin Klein is a designer that always comes to mind. Like many of the other great designers that have existed throughout the decades, when you look at these designs, you can just automatically recognize who the designer is. This collection is particularly great because it features conservative fashion with a unique, edgy style. These designs are perfect for maintaining a comfortable, formal style that is edgy without showing too much skin.

Michael Kors

The collection showcased by Michael Kors this year is sassy, sensual, classy, and fun. Patterns are continuing to have a huge amount of popularity within fashion design. This collection stands out because of the unique correlation of fabrics, patterns, textures, and color combinations. Although checkerboard patterns of plaid would usually be difficult to pair with other colors and fabrics, Michael has truly mastered the art with these striking designs.

Vera Wang

It’s pretty much internationally known that there’s just something about the way that Vera Wang can design a dress. Regardless of what she chooses to design, she never ceases to amaze the audience or her clients. Her usage of color in the collection that she showcased at Fashion Week this year is absolutely stunning. Whether you love long flowing dresses or shorter styles, this Vera Wang collection has a suitable fashion sense for everyone.

Dennis Basso

This collection from Dennis Basso is the epitome of class and elegance. Basso always seems to create collections that are reminiscent of  the femininity, class, and pure style that once existed in fashion decades ago. He has a knack for taking these timeless elements and combining them into a more modern and friendly style that is guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye.

What’s Next?

New York Fashion Week this year has been what it has always been – an intriguing, fascinating showcase of how fashion continues to evolve every year, from fall to spring and back again. There have been a lot of amazing and brilliant designs that I think are going to really catch on in certain areas. This year has featured a lot of significant influences in style and it will be interesting to see how the ideas of fashion design continue to shift. Of course, once you’ve seen one fashion week, you want to see them all – let’s not forget that London Fashion Week is currently happening right now!


Help DAP

Hey All,
Domestic Abuse Project (DAP) is a cause that all of us at IamMoody and especially myself, Richard Moody, have believed in and supported for years. I would like to ask you to visit (http://www.lucky13internship.com/apply.php?route=causes/index), and vote for DAP. They deserve to be #1 without a shadow of a doubt.

Much respect!

Fashion for a Cause!

S4S this Saturday!
Project Healthy Smile’s Styles for Smiles is this Saturday!Join us at:
Maki Strunc Studios
6156 Olson Memorial Highway
Golden Valley, MN 55422
Saturday, February 18th
1:00 – 4:00 PM
1PM shopping and activities begin
3PM runway show
4PM raffle winners announced
A portion of the proceeds will directly benefit Project Healthy Smile.more details:Styles for Smiles on Facebook

New York Fashion Week Series, Part 2 – Fashion Is Art

Oscar Wilde once said, “One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.” — in correlation, Google defines art as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

Fashion designers are artists in their own right. They are able to draw inspiration from the world around them, translate fragments of thought into new ideas, construct beauty from the lines and flow of material and fabric, and create purely from the purity of what has been imagined within their own mind. Yes, some have even provoked thought and emotion from the raw beauty of their artwork, their fashion. Anyone who seeks to disagree with this fact can be challenged to spend hours looking at the entirety of Alexander McQueen’s collections without the images sparking an idea, a feeling, or emotion. It would be impossible.

Continuing with our New York Fashion Week 2012 series, Part 2 focuses on the imaginative and creative expression that has been gifted to the world from the minds of designers in the fashion community. The following presentation seeks to showcase the classic, inventive, alluring, and eccentric styles created by this year’s designers that have dared to create a fashion evolution for 2012. Photos appear courtesy of StyleBistro.

Prabal Gurung

The designs of Prabal Gurung are so beautifully imaginative and stunning, that they are almost ethereal. Every design has a futuristic feeling, as if the viewer has been given a glimpse of what fashion should look like in 2020. The collection is elegant, yet daring. Whether heavily beaded or light and airy, these styles demand attention with mesh inlays, transparent cut-outs, filigrees, and fabric that drapes flirtatiously. A first glance at this collection will leave you feeling as if you have discovered styles that are a generation ahead of our current time. For a more revealing glance into the edgy and elegant mind of Prabal, you can browse other elements of the collection here.


Jason Wu

Treat yourself to some artful glamour with this collection from Jason Wu. Whether you are going out for a night on the town or escaping on an exotic excursion to your favorite country, this 2012 collection was definitely created to suit the woman on the go. Provocative patterns and attention grabbing color schemes are key elements in these signature looks that are designed to thrill. Wu’s dedication to creating beautiful dresses that accentuate the grace of the female figure remains devout in this year’s collection. To view these styles in more detail, check out this link.


Herve Leger by Max Azria

What I love about the designs depicted here is the nearly classical inspiration and the thoughts that are provoked at the mere sight of everything. This collection features dresses that feel as if they are a quintessential mix of mythology and modern intrigue. Each ensemble creates a statement that reflects power, beauty, sensuality, and confidence. These are clothes for that are created for the woman who is not afraid to express herself or showcase a strong personality through the visuals of fashion. You can explore all of the beauty of these classical masterpieces and more by clicking here.


Diane von Furstenberg

Regardless of what year and what collection you may take a gander at, Diane von Furstenberg’s designs almost always incorporate the beauty, grace, and sex appeal of European fashion. Her style often has that familiar feeling – yet always maintains the excitement of something new and fresh. The same can certainly be said for her collection this year. These are styles that are versatile while being unforgettable and interesting to the eye. Diane’s attention to bold color combinations and unique fabrics in this collection are definitely très chic! You can view all of the styles in Diane’s presentation at the following link.


VPL by Victoria Bartlett

The looks depicted in this year’s collection for VPL are entirely mind-blowing on their own, whether you look at them as fashion or pure works of art. The entire line is a remarkable presentation of mental contrast in terms of visuals. Upon initially looking at these designs, the mind is drawn to all of the eccentric and wild elements that are present overall; yet a second glance makes the viewer realize the true subtlety of the pure design. Sand colors and earth tones paired with gentle grays create an unforgettable combination in this striking creation of a futuristic fashion nomad. Love it!  For a more in depth look at Victoria’s collection, you can click here.


The first few days of New York Fashion Week are once more a complete success. It’s nearly impossible to browse through the millions of photos without finding yourself in awe of the usual favorite designers and infatuated with a few new ones as well. The unique and sometimes enigmatic beauty of every collection is a reminder of how amazing it is when ideas become reality. It’s also a steady reminder of the gift that self expression is to the world of fashion, and vice versa. Stay tuned for Part 3!

New York Fashion Week Series, Part 1 – Tadashi Shoji

The time has finally arrived – New York Fashion Week is upon us! Today, we’ll be starting a short series that showcases some of the collections that are being seen in New York this year. The first collection presented for your viewing pleasure comes from the timeless and eccentric mind of Tadashi Shoji. Inspired by Marlene Dietrich and the film Shanghai Express, the designs depicted in this collection transform and transcend fashions of the current era with fabrics and styles that are very reminiscent of Shanghai in the 1930s.


 An Introduction To 1930s Style

1930s inspired dresses with a modern twist

The dresses above hearken back to styles that were very popular in the 1930s, while adding a modernized touch of class that is typical of Shoji’s designs. His designs showcase intricate elements without being too complicated — for this particular collection, the focus is classic glamour with just enough modern style to remain subtle and sexy. The delicate elegance of these styles allows for fashion that embraces the femininity of the 1930s design; cap sleeves, high necks, draping bodices, tiers, embroidery, and layers.


 Fabrics, Layers, Combinations

Combinations of fabrics, layers, and beading create a timeless style

What you will notice the most in the designs of this collection are the unique textures that have been created by the introduction of different fabrics and combinations. For example, many of the dresses have elements of lace, chiffon, or silk. The dress depicted in the middle of the above image features elements of lightweight velvet that have been combined with a black beaded filigree lace bodice on the back. Green lace is used as an overlay for the dress on the left, while black lace has been layered on the dress on the right; these layering styles help to reproduce the delicate styles seen many decades ago.


Details, Details, Details

Tadashi Shoji showcases attention to details in a simple, elegant design

The amount of detail that has been incorporated into these gowns is stunning. Shoji’s ability to showcase intricacy within his designs without creating something overly complicated is what leads to success in this collection. The overall style of the dresses are very simple – which stays true to the style of the 1930s and many of the dresses seen in Shanghai Express – while incorporating intricate designs that are both eye-catching and offer a modern twist.



There have already been many positive reviews of Shoji’s collection from those who have attended Fashion Week, so it’s safe to say that his 1930’s-Shanghai-inspired designs truly did take attendees to another time and place. All of the designs featured in this collection are glamorous, classy, and showcase a timeless element of fashion that not many designers have been able to feature so masterfully. Likewise, it’s a great opening teaser to one of the most fashionable, eccentric, and exciting times of the year — Fashion Week!

For another glance at these dresses and many other pieces of Shoji’s collection, check out this video from IBtimes.com. Keep checking back over here in the upcoming days for the next update to this series, focusing on another unforgettable designer. Who do you think will be showcased next?

Designer Looks For Less

Do you love designer styles but cannot afford the price tag that is associated with the brand? If you’re a devout fashionista and glamourous trendsetter in your own group of friends, you already know how cruel it can be when you’ve spotted the perfect addition to your next ensemble but can’t afford to splurge! Even if you just like to find a good sale occasionally, these style tips will keep you looking fashionable and financially stress-free.

Beyond The Rack

If you absolutely must have designer clothing and you won’t settle for any lesser quality, you will likely prefer to settle for designer brands at lesser prices. Imagine purchasing Chanel or Dior at 50% off of the original price. Sounds like a dream, right? Beyond The Rack has made this dream a reality for many fashion addicts. So how does it work? You sign up as a member in order to participate in savings events. Certain days will have corresponding events and differ each week. The savings that you can get for each event can vary from 25% to up to 85%, depending on the sale or promotion that is going on. In example, one of this week’s events focuses on designer handbags.

example of savings events on BeyondTheRack.com

Because of the crazy discounts that are listed on this site, you truly have to act fast when you see something you want. If you don’t, it will sell out very quickly and you will regret that you missed out! In my entire time of having an account with Beyond The Rack, I have never seen a week where there wasn’t some type of designer fashion being featured in one of their events. Shipping is amazingly cheap and they won’t spam your email – in fact, they’ll only send you notifications when new events have been posted. Likewise, although there are many of these “event” based shopping sites out there, Beyond The Rack tends to be one of the top sites with the best reviews.


Know The Style

Sometimes it’s not about what you wear – it’s about how you wear it. If you can’t afford designer brands but you still want to look exquisite or like you dropped a few hundreds on your last shopping spree, it’s important that you know the style and can mimic it to the best of your own advantage. Here’s a quick example. In the picture below, the knit vest on the left (Barney’s New York; Ann Demeulemeester) costs around $1,220, while the knit vest on the right costs only $29.55 (Tambukiki – ebay) and can achieve the same effect by choosing a size form fitting to your body, folded appropriately and paired with a basic belt.

Style the vest on the right to look like the designer brand on the left



Alternatively, maybe you’re the type that loves designer so much that you will even consider wearing a knock-off, if it’s convincing enough. Note that I’ve said convincing enough. You have to be very careful in the realm of knock-offs; no one wants to become known as the king or queen of bad knock-off fashion among a group of friends or contacts in the fashion industry, so tread here at your own risk. A few bad knock-offs can get you blacklisted by even the most sympathetic of your fashionable friends.

knock-offs: fashionable or faux pas?

This is a point where you really have to consider who you are making your fashion statement for. If you’re wearing copycat designer styles because you are seeking to impress a group of people, choosing a knock-off is generally never the best choice, and you should probably only opt for discounted-designer.

However, if you’re wearing the style for yourself and only purely because you like it, then go ahead and knock yourself out with these knock-offs. The picture below depicts designer Jeffrey Campbell Litas ($158), a custom made  knock-off ($80), and American Flag Lace Up Booties ($42 @ GoJane)

designer JC litas next to custom made and retail knock-offs

Whether you’re a discounted-designer fashionista or a hip and trendy knock-off lover, taking a few of these fashion tips and making them your own is guaranteed to make your style skyrocket while leaving your bank account in peace. What are some of your tricks for saving money while staying in fashion?

Jean Paul Gaultier Collection Inspired By Amy Winehouse

This past week, Jean Paul Gaultier showcased his newest collection at his haute couture runway show in Paris. The collection features 70 looks — many of which pay homage to the deceased jazz singer, Amy Winehouse. Not only does this new collection expand on the signature Gaultier style, it has a variety of elements that Amy Winehouse incorporated into her own personal fashion sense. Styles such as the look pictured below (modeled by Andrej Pejic), feature the classic fitted bodice and curvaceous design that Winehouse was commonly seen wearing while out and about.

Andrej Pejic is seen modeling the Winehouse inspired line

Gaultier told Women’s Wear Daily that he “felt compelled” to celebrate the life of the singer “because magazines failed to do so.”  Gaultier was also quoted with the statement, “I think Amy Winehouse was truly a fashion icon.” — clearly, this new collection is the designer’s way of paying homage to the late singer. Yet, not everyone is thrilled with the designs of Gaultier’s new collection. Winehouse’s father, Mitch Winehouse, expressed his disappointment on Twitter, stating, “We don’t support the Jean Paul Gaultier collection. It’s in bad taste.”

Mitch Winehouse disapproves of Gaultier's new collection

Although many of the styles featured in the collection are inspired by Winehouse, there are many that focus on the purity of the signature Gaultier design. Beehive hairstyles and distinctive aesthetic similarities are used to hearken back to the days when Amy Winehouse was in her prime, while not distracting from the overall stylistic flow that Gaultier is well known for. This collection features bold colors and prints that demand attention, in looks that are very flattering to the female figure.

Maria Kashleva from NATHALIE Agency Paris models a bold design.

At the end of the runway show, the models came out in black veils in respect for the deceased singer.

What do you think? Is Jean Paul’s new collection a fashion faux-pas or was his homage misunderstood?
For a glance at Gaultier’s latest collection, click here.