Safe Halloween Partying

Halloween parties are a tradition! People love the opportunity to get together, dress up, drink and eat candy. Depending upon the group, these parties can get pretty wild too. There are scares, fun, movies and the chance for adults to feel like kids again. I love Halloween parties.


That being said, there are some serious dangers associated with Halloween parties too. There will be many people who find that this party is their last party. It is unfortunate, but true. There are also many people who will be hurt or taken advantage of during these parties. Here are some very easy ways to prevent this heartbreak during what should be a fun and festive holiday.


  • Never drink and drive. This is the number one killer of healthy adults and teens inAmerica. Motor Vehicle accidents kill 20% of young adults and alcohol is often involved in one way or another. Want to live longer? Get or be the designated driver.
  • Party with those you know. Partying with strangers can be fun, and it can allow you to expand your friend base, but it can also be a danger. You do not know these people, and if you are drinking, it can quickly become a situation where they can take advantage of you.
  • Buy your own drinks and take them with you. You think this is only something for women to be concerned with? Well, slipped drugs in a drink can also affect men and lead them down dangerous paths as well. Do not accept drinks that are brought to you and that you’ve not been able to watch the entire time.
  • Do not bring valuables with you. Women, your purse should be small and just about empty. Consider packing some money to buy your drinks and food with and identification. Men, same goes for your wallet. Leave the iPod, computer, tablet and expensive watch at home. Jewelry should be kept minimal. Do not present yourself as a target.
  • Eat a high protein meal. Yes, eating before the party is often skipped since you are too busy getting ready. However, if you eat a high protein meal, you can avoid getting too drunk and doing something you would regret later. The high protein meal with make you feel full longer and slow the absorption of alcohol in your system.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. If you feel uncomfortable with the party or event, leave. Trust your instincts to guide you in this instance. All too often people look back and think “I had a bad feeling about this” and that feeling proved to be correct.


Here at RichardTMoody, we want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. We also want you all to be able to come back and tell us about it. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy this festive holiday. Much love.

Top Halloween Costumes for 2011

Halloween is just around the corner. As much as I look forward to this time of year, even I have to admit I have no idea what I am going to be this year. I don’t normally dress up. After all, I am always handing out candy, and it can be very intimidating to children to walk up to the “Grim Reaper” and ask for candy. This year is going to be different.


This year, I plan on going out all weekend and then handing out candy, in a costume. I went down to the Spirit store, and other Halloween stores, and looked around at various costumes. Still, I have no idea what I should be for this Halloween. Here is some of the most popular costumes for people this year.




  1. Angry Birds- Yes, this phone app really has taken over.
  2. Captain America- Everyone wants to be a hero.
  3. Charlie Sheen- Watching his train wreck has inspired a lot of people.
  4. Mad Men- This retro television show has inspired many men to dress this way for Halloween.
  5. Tron- Yes, this science fiction movie will be coming to life this Halloween




  1. Black Swan- Everyone wants to be a ballet dancer, and now they can be.
  2. Playboy Bunny- Every woman wants to feel sexy.
  3. Nicki Minaj- To be pretty, a top singer and get to dress wildly, why not!
  4. Smurfette- Designed originally as the bad guy, this good girl has a wild side too.
  5. Repunzel- Tangled is an endearing movie, and face it, long blonde hair without the work is many women’s dream. Here is the chance to get it without the long wait.




  1. Witch- This Halloween classic never goes out of style
  2. Princess- Yes, this implies girls only, but hey, boys can be princes!
  3. Super Heroes- Spiderman is the number one super hero this year, but expect to see a lot of the other traditional heroes too.
  4. Pirate- Yes, there are girl and boy pirates out there and yes, Disney is to blame.
  5. Pumpkin- Yes, now kids can be the pumpkin and carve one too!



  1. Lady Gaga- Yes, this celebrity has become a top pick for your dog.
  2. Panda- Many people are dressing their pets up as other animals.
  3. Dinosaurs- You think your dog is crazy now, dress him up as a Raptor!
  4. Horse with Rider- Many dogs will be sporting a rider of some type this year.
  5. Angel/Devil- Yep, many owners will be putting their pets’ personalities on display for all to see.
I’ll keep you posted as to what I decide to be this year. What about you, what are you being this year?

Fashion Group Photos

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Mitchell Supports Quorum Coming Out Luncheon

On Friday, October 7, 2011, Mitchell faculty, staff and students attended the 18th Annual National Coming Out Luncheon at the Minneapolis Hilton. This year’s program theme was Be Inspired, Be Challenged, Be Out, and featured speeches by Mark Gherity, Executive Director of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney (MN); Katie Burgess,  Executive Director of the Trans Youth Support Network; and Richard Moody, Fashion Authority, Philanthropist, Event Planner, Author, Motivational Speaker and Community Servant. Burgess, who once struggled with homelessness and drugs, challenged the audience to speak out against oppression and fight for those who are marginalized because of their identity.

In his speech, Moody told the audience to Embrace, Educate and Empower. He challenged attendees to embrace who they are and to walk away from those who  do not support them. Moody also encouraged attendees to educate others by sharing themselves, talking to people, and helping others see that “We are perfectly ordinary.” Moody’s final point was about empowerment. He told the banquet room full of LGBT people and allies that we need to “use our voices to change people’s perceptions.”  Moody, who is a black gay man, closed his speech by challenging the audience to get involved and to let people know that we all have multiple identities. He said, “I am global. I am Minnesota. I am Moody. I am black. I am gay. …”

Below are pictures from the luncheon, attended by Professors Tony Winer, Eileen Scallen, and Denise Roy; Dan Thompson, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students; Lawrencina Mason Oramalu, Assistant Dean and Director of Multicultural Affairs and Mitchell students Brandon Gil, Out!law LGBTQ Community Liaison, Jessica Englund, Out!law Co-Chair, and Jen Renner. Several alumni also attended the luncheon and were pleased to see Mitchell listed as a luncheon sponsor and represented in the Exhibit Hall. Alumni pictured in the slide show include: Kristien Butler ’09, Kathy Davis ’03 and Rebecca Heltzer ’89.

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Breast Cancer Month

October is breast cancer awareness month. This is a subject that is close to me as I have had several friends and family who have been affected by this all too common cancer. This can cause pain, illness and even death, and it is not limited to just women. Men, although more rarely, can also develop breast cancer, making it something that everyone should care about.


There are a lot of questions that people ask about breast cancer awareness month and breast cancer itself. Hopefully I can help answer some of these questions and provide you the support and information that you are looking for.


Why October?


It amazes me that breast cancer awareness month is generally in October, all over the world. There is a reason for this. The very first breast cancer project was done in 1985, in October to be specific. This project was between the American Cancer Society and Imperial Chemical Industries. Now we celebrate the whole month through awareness and recognition of those who have beaten cancer and those who have lost their battle.


Only in October?


October is not the only month that breast cancer should be thought about. There are many different fundraisers and educational seminars that help find a cure for breast cancer throughout the year. These programs are often posted at doctor’s offices, through places of employment and advertised on the television, paper or radio.


Pink Ribbons?


The Pink Ribbons found their way into the world through the Susan G. Komen Foundation in 1991. This was the first year that this foundation handed out pink ribbons to those participants who were in aNew York Cityrace for cancer survivors. A couple years later, in 1993 Evelyn Lauder, from Estee Lauder created the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and used the pink ribbon as the symbol of the foundation.


What is Breast Cancer?


This is a malignant tumor that is located within the soft tissue of the breast. This tumor begins as a small cluster of cells but grows and invades other spots of the body if it is left untreated. This is generally thought to be a women’s disease, but men can get this cancer as well. This cancer most often starts in the lining of the ducts that create milk during lactation.


How Do They Detect Breast Cancer?


The single most effective way to detect breast cancer is to do a breast exam every month. While this is not a definitive way to detect breast cancer, it is the most frequently done and it can be done at home. For the best way to complete a self breast exam, please click here. If you find a lump or thickening, or any change for that matter, report that to your doctor. He or she will often suggest a mammogram or sonogram to determine if there is anything there. If there is, a biopsy may be necessary. Early detection can save your life and make the cancer easier to treat.


How Do They Treat Breast Cancer?


There are many different treatment options for breast cancer. These can range from simple surgery, known as a lumpectomy, to a mastectomy, and all the way to chemotherapy and radiation. The treatment options vary based upon the type of cancer, where it is located, if it has spread, the health of the patient and other factors. The only way to know for sure is to talk to a doctor about any breast changes that you have noticed.


Need More Information?

Here are some links to other educational websites that can help you be an educated patient and sponsor. After all, education is half the battle in defeating cancer.


Mayo Clinic

American Cancer Society

National Cancer Institute

Having a Safe and Healthy Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I get to dress up and it is considered normal. I get to give random children candy without that being seen as odd, but rather the expected norm. I get to cut up pumpkins and bake pies all day. I get to go to the farmer’s markets and pick out squashes and dried corn simply for decoration! Plus the weather is a little cooler and people come to visit!


Halloween is also one of my least favorite holidays because it can be so easy to fall from my diet and experience sugar rushes akin to those of my youth. All the extra candy lying around can also be a major temptation of the dog and the husband. Oh, and thinking about the decorations, these can be a major danger as well. It has taken a while, but I have finally figured out how to a truly healthy and fun Halloween.

Sticking to the Plan


I want to lose weight. That means avoiding excessive candy. Here are some of my favorite tips as to how to manage that feat.


  • Purchase “fun” or “mini” size candies. This means that you do not feel bad giving away more than one piece of candy at a time. This will mean less will be left over for you to be tempted with later.
  • Do not buy enough candy for the year. I always thought it was better to run out of candy than to have to take it back into the house. I typically buy about 100 to 200 pieces of candy because we have a lot of kids in the neighborhood. I usually run out about an hour and a half into the trick or treating time.
  • Use calorie controlled packets and the candies. These calorie controlled packets make it harder for you to eat too much since they have their calorie and fat information clearly marked, plus since they are a decent sized packet, they make you feel fuller, faster.
  • Still have too much candy laying around? Take it to work. Leave it for your co-workers to eat. This will make you look like the nice one while still allowing you to remove the candy from your home and maintain your healthy life style.
  • Eat well before handing out candy. This will help you to avoid eating a lot of candy because you will not be hungry. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid temptation.


Keeping Safe


I sit on my steps and hand out candy. Here are some ways to decorate safely and some ways to trick or treat safely.


  • Do not over load the wiring system in your home. Just because you think you can fit 100 cords in an outlet does not mean that you should attempt it. Use some reason when you decorate and use electrical decorations or lights.
  • Check the wires of each of your decorations. Also check non-electrical decorations for any damage. This will help to prevent injury and it will help to ensure that your decorations work and look right.
  • Avoid any hard decorations or accessories. Trick or Treat time is typically dark. This means people may run into you or your decorations. By keeping everything soft, you can avoid anyone getting injured.
  • Walk on the sidewalks.  People often have decorations in the yard and cars are driving in the roads. By sticking to the sidewalks, you can avoid tripping on unseen decorations or being hit by a car.
  • Keep your sidewalks and porch well lit. This will help to prevent tripping and will make your home more inviting to the trick or treaters coming to visit.
  • Only eat factory wrapped candies and if you are giving out candy, only give out factory wrapped candies.


Have a safe and fun filled Halloween this year! I know I will be. I love this season and I look forward to this holiday every year.

Come Fly With Me

All About Bob


A Celebration of Bob Reardon’s 60 YEARS IN AVIATION

The big grand gala on October 3, 2011, 4-8pm
395 Hwy 5 and Post Rd, Saint Paul, MN

PLEASE RSVP by September 20, 2011 to:
Lori Rothmund
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Please drop off checks for the $20.00 buffet with Janet at Inflight or mail to;
Lori Rothmund
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