Turn your bathroom into a spa!

Everyone is always talking about the spa experience and how to get that same feeling at home. For those with the busy schedule or for those on a budget, I have your solution. To get the biggest bang for your buck, and to feel luxurious at home, it is necessary to buy the products that your Esthetician recommends. The products are the key to making your facial results last longer, and to take your skin to a whole other level. It isn’t necessary to buy a ton of products, just the right ones. Book an appointment for a facial and take your skin to the next level.

Spa Facials for Men in Minneapolis

Men have you ever gone to a spa for a facial? If not why not? Are you too much of a manly man? Do spas make you feel uncomfortable? Well Eclectic Spalon serves the Minneapolis area and is man friendly.

As men we are often neglecting our skin and abusing it at the same time. Lets face it, we do. Many of us either spend too much time outside in the elements, hot, cold, sun, wind. Others spend too much time inside in the fake light sitting on their butts.

We shave, we use bar soap to was our face and we wonder why we get leather face as we age. Getting a regular facial is not only super relaxing but healthy for your skin. We have made it very man friendly here at Eclectic Spalon and our service providers are sensitive to your needs as men and that includes not treating you with feminine products.

So dare I say, “Man Up” and come into the best spa and salon for men in the Twin Cities. You will feel at home here.

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Are You Bored on the Weekend?

There is a common belief that there is often not enough to do on the weekend. When I Am Moody is not hosting a variety of events, it can often seem as though there is nothing going on. Fortunately, there is something going on almost every weekend. These things include the weekend concerts. These concerts are often the home town bands, playing covers from various songs from other bands.


I do not frequently tote the brilliance of a cover band. The local bands where I am from are not always the best. However, recently my faith in local bands has been reborn. I recently spent a brilliant weekend with an amazing cover band known as New Wave Nation. This band was brilliant and it gave me something to do on what would have been a boring and hot weekend.


Here are some things to consider when looking for a cover band to listen to on the weekend. These tips can help to ensure a fun weekend full of amazing music. This technique works for all kinds of music, not just the ‘80’s hits that I so much love to listen to.


  1. Take a look at your local music section of the paper. Write down the bars or scenes that you like to frequent and what is playing there. This will help you develop a plan as to who to see where and where you would like to avoid.
  2. Check out YouTube. Believe it or not, just about every band has something up on YouTube, even the smallest of the bands. Take into account that some of the videos will be shot from cell phones and home camcorders. The bands that are trying to make it big tend to put out more professional videos every now and again.
  3. Plan on seeing the bands and giving them a real effort of listening to them. If you like them, plan on seeing them more often. If you really like the band, consider posting information about them on your Facebook or Twitter. This can greatly help out the bands. Meanwhile the bands that you don’t like, you can ignore later.


Vacuuming Your Hair

I am a big fan of the History Channel and I am a bigger fan of fashion. I was watching a show on the greatest inventions that we simply cannot live without. They brought up the hair drier and then mentioned something that I simply could not imagine. Before the hair drier, people used to dry their hair with a vacuum! Well, that got me thinking. How many inventions were not hit success, but rather utter flops.


  1. Eye Jewelry- This is a contact lens with jewels or beads dangling from it. These jewels and beads are strung from a small wire situated in the center of the lens. This gives the appearance of constantly crying while hindering the ability to see where one is going. These lens can also damage the eyes by scratching them. This is a definite fashion don’t and invention flop for the ages.
  2. ThongJeans- These jeans hug the legs like skinny jeans and hug the hips like super low jeans. The significant difference is the bedazzled thong that is attached to these jeans. The jeweled thong is made of leather and is made to be completely exposed and provocatively. Not hot for anyone and definitely something that should have never have been invented.
  3. Big Butt Jeans- These jeans are your typical high waist jeans that feature padding in the backside of the jeans to provide a fake butt to people. These jeans are unique and don’t help anyone look good. While these sound like a good idea, exercise is a far better idea, either that or wearing jeans to fit your body.
  4. Fishnet Stockings and Shirt- I am not against fishnets, for the record. However, if your stockings are attached to your shirt and wrap around your neck while wearing them on your legs, I am against this one. Come on now, stockings are not shirts.


For every flop though, there are some really good fashion inventions as well. Check these inventions out. Some of these we simply could not live without.


  1. Stiletto Heel- This thin pole on the heel of the shoe brought the heel of the woman up, made her leg look longer and her butt look more solid. These heels streamlined the body and is now a must have for any power suit. Without these heels, women would remain shorter than men and wouldn’t have that look that is so familiar to the powerful woman.
  2. Denim Jeans- These pants were originally designed for cowboys and other working men. These pats were durable, easy to clean and affordable. Since the 17th century, people have been wearing these comfortable pants and making other things out of the denim. Try and imagine a world without denim.
  3. Skinny Shirt- This is a button down shirt that is used for layering. While layering can be bulky and uncomfortable, with the Skinny Shirt this essential piece of fashion is comfortable and streamlined. Forget the bunches and bulk, enjoy the smooth and layered look.
  4. Tee shirt Bras- These bras make wearing a tee shirt more comfortable and fashionable by eliminating the bra lines. These bras provide full support without the lines and padding that most bras provide as a means of supporting the twins. Now that smooth look can be had even in the most casual of outfits.


Now Calling All Stylists

Do you think you are the best Fashion stylist in the Twin Cities? If so we have a night for you! We are looking for a few more stylists to compete. A fun filled night with 96.3Now, DJ Phat and special guest recording artist Auburn will be singing. Celebrity Judges will be watching as stylists go head to head showing off their talents. Guests will also have a vote.
The winner will receive a beautiful crystal trophy, gift certificate, style the next fall and spring fashion shows at the Fine Line Music Cafe and named the Best Stylist in the Twin Cities which will run for 1 year on IamMoody.com, fashion group internationals website along with Second Debut’s website. Don’t delay, we are selecting now as the event is August 13th 2011. Contact Kathy Cahlander at 952-922-9640 or email information@seconddebut.org. For more info go to tcstyleoff.com

Meet the Artist – Roxanne Skeie Hillard

Meet the Artist- Roxanne Skeie Hillard

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