Time to TAN!

What does Spring bring? Flowers? Robins? Bare arms and legs that havn’t seen daylight for 6 months? Yes, Minneapolis did have  an April snow, but that will not keep us from busting out tank tops and shorts.  But what do you do to prevent people from mistaking your arms and legs for the recently fallen snow?

Self tan.  Yes, I realize that this brings about visions of orange palms and streaky limbs, but there are some great products out there. With a little practice and these tips you can achieve a beautiful, “natural” tan.

  • Exfoliate

Dry, flaky skin will grab the color of the self tanner. Make sure that you have used a good scrub in the shower or tub before you tan. Be sure to pay special attention to elbows, knees and heels.

  • Moisturize

Again, dry skin grabs color and this will give you a blotchy effect.

  • Tinted Self Tanners

Using a self tanner that is already tinted will allow you to see where you are applying the color. This prevents you from missing areas and having an uneven tan.  Backs of legs, underside of upper arms,and tops of feet are all areas that are often forgotten until the tanner develops

Sabathani Hosts North Minneapolis Rising

Sabathani Hosts North Minneapolis Rising

Disaster Relief Benefit Concert for North Minneapolis Families

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (May 26, 2011) – Sabathani Community Center will hold host a  benefit concert titled North Minneapolis Rising at 4 p.m. Sunday, June 12, in the Marion O. Snargrass Auditorium at Sabathani. Proceeds will be donated to the Minnesota Helps – North Minneapolis Recovery Fund that will support the humanitarian needs of the individuals and families in North Minneapolis impacted by the May 22 tornado.

The list of performers will include local vocalists and musical groups, choirs and dancers of all ages and genres.

Sabathani has secured financial commitments from a number of other local nonprofits who will be co-sponsors of the event along with Sabathani.

Sabathani feels a deep responsibility to maximize fund raising efforts for all of the North Minneapolis families affected by the recent tornado. Sabathani has already sent more than 6,000 lbs. of food and water as well as sheets, blankets and clothing to North Minneapolis for distribution to families in need.

Sabathani’s Family Resource Services welcomes northside residents who have been displaced by the tornado. The food shelf is accepting referrals from centers closer to the disaster area that have run out of food and have begun referring their participants to Sabathani.

Advance tickets $15 at Sabathani Community Center; 310 E. 38th Street, Suite 200; Minneapolis or $20 at the door. For more information, call 612-821-2399.


A Lovely Letter


I woke up to see that you received my “tweet”.   I want you to know that EVERYTHING that has come our way in this business is because you decided to reach out (in 1996)!  My children have been even more successful than I have!  Because you took me to get pictures taken and then walked me in to meet Julie and the Gang, you started in motion a career that has literally changed my life.  When we moved to Los Angeles, I was green BUT I had a leg up because of all of the Target bookings in MPLS:-).  We hit the ground running and have carried on your tradition of REACHING OUT.  I am now seen by my peers as an expert of sorts.  Providing information and perspective to those who are trying to break into the business for their children.
I KNOW your ears were burning over the years, because I send a thank you your way with EVERY booking!
I love everything that you are doing – you run that town :-)
Keri Shahidi

Avoiding Sunburns

Well, finally the summer is here. After a long winter it is finally time to enjoy the summer’s sun and loose, fun clothing. Because the sun is so bright, the breeze so nice there are many more people standing out and enjoying this sun. While this may feel good for the moment, there is a painful consequence – the sunburn. Avoiding the sunburn while still enjoying the summer’s sun is the key to keeping your skin healthy and still loving the summer.


Sunscreen is the key to protecting you skin while enjoying the summer sun. Sunscreen does not have to be greasy or smelly. There are many different types of sunscreen out there. This being said, there are some important things to remember when picking out the right the sunscreen that can make the difference between tan skin and lobster red skin.


  • SPF 15 is the minimum SPF that you should use. This sunscreen intensifies the period of time that you will be able to be out in the sun for up to 15 times longer than normal before you would begin to burn. This being said, it is important to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours or so.
  • Using make up, lotion or other products with SPF chemicals in them can be used in place of sunscreen. This can help you to help keep your skin healthy and burn free. This should not be your only defense though if you are in the sun for a long period of time though.
  • Do not rely on the window to prevent sunburns. Most windows are not designed to block UV rays and therefore the skin can be damaged without the proper skin protection. Sunscreen or lotion with sunscreen in it can help to prevent damage to the sink.
  • Most people think that because their skin is naturally dark that they are not subject to sunburns and skin damage. This is simply not true. While people with dark skin do not burn as quickly, their skin can burn as well. It is important to remember to put sunscreen on even if your skin is dark.


Clothing and shade are the single best ways to prevent skin damage. This being said, it is not as much fun as being able to feel the sun’s rays on the skin. Sunscreen can allow you to enjoy the sun’s rays and still be safe and healthy. Enjoy your summer and have a have fun in the sun without the burn.


Third Annual taj modé

Third Annual Fashion Show and Benefit to Feature Local Clothing Designers;
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Twin Cities to be Recipient of Event Proceeds

taj salon & spa is pleased to host taj modé for the third year in a row. This year’s fashion show will feature the work of local clothing designers Mary Pass, Phaviny Salem, Judy Cooper Lyle, Linda Danielle Jones, Khampasith Davison, Marlena Thao, and Alison Johnson as well as the artistry of beauty experts from taj salon & spa. In addition to professional models,  a set of Bigs and Littles from the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Twin Cities will be on hand to walk the runway.

The event will also include featured guest speaker Laura Smidzik, who has a front row seat to the benefits of the local Big Brother Big Sister (BBBS) program. Not only are her two teenage boys matched with big brothers (Bigs)—and have been for the past four years—Smidzik is a former BBBS volunteer and current employee who hears amazing stories of families and mentors involved in this unique service. “I love working for an organization that changes lives for the better, forever,” says Smidzik.

“We believe in supporting the community in which we live,” says Jeanne Strandin, owner of taj salon & spa. “And, we are very happy to donate all proceeds from taj modé 2011 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities.”

taj modé will be held on June 4, 2011, from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., at the historic Grain Belt Brewery in Northeast Minneapolis, 79 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413. Black Church Service will provide live entertainment and a live raffle will be held throughout the evening.

taj salon & spa thanks this year’s sponsors: Messerli & Kramer, vita.mn, Buerkle Acura, Lavish, Tiger Beer, Monroe Designs, MTL Productions, and EMI Audio.

The Grain Belt Brewery building is located at 79 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Visit www.tajsalonspa.com to purchase tickets.

About Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities
Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) is a nationwide organization that provides children with positive role models so they can realize their true potential and achieve positive goals to enhance their future. With a network of about 370 agencies across the country, BBBS serves nearly 250,000 children. As the metro area’s oldest mentoring organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities has made a difference in the lives of local children since 1920. By partnering with parents/guardians, schools, corporations and others in the community, BBBS matches children with screened volunteer mentors and monitors and supports them in one-to-one mentoring. BBBS holds itself accountable for children in the program to achieve measurable outcomes, such as higher aspirations; greater confidence and better relationships; educational success; and avoidance of delinquency and other risky behaviors. Most children served by BBBS are in single-parent and low-income families or households where a parent is incarcerated.

About taj salon & spa
taj salon & spa is an environmentally responsible, leading-edge salon and spa with locations in Brooklyn Park and Minneapolis. Committed to staying current on all spa techniques and salon styles, taj salon & spa strives to set the standard, not only for outer beauty, but for inner as well. To learn more about their services please visit their website at www.tajsalonspa.com.

Win a Condo benefitting the Aegis Foundation

Win a Condo benefitting the Aegis Foundation

Enter to win the condo of your dreams in a beautiful neighborhood in South Minneapolis for only $100.00! Yes that’s right, only $100.00! Welcome to South Minneapolis, Minnesota where 55407 has an estimated population of 37,886. A place where you are surrounded by beautiful trees and lakes.

Aegis Foundation

The mission of Aegis Foundation, Inc. is to enhance the lives of young people by financially supporting organizations that provide safe, supportive environments and specialize in youth services, alternative education, life skills, vocational training, homelessness, pregnancy, STD and HIV/AIDS prevention, and other youth related concerns.

For more information and to enter to win, please visit http://winacondo.charityhappenings.org/
Also, when you buy your tickets, make sure to select IamMoody.com during the checkout process so that a portion of the proceeds will go to Sabathani Community Center! So the more you enter, the more proceeds will benefit Sabathani.

Enter a Knitter, Exit a Fiber Artist



TEACHER: Steven Be
TIME: 8:00 am – 11:00 am


TEACHER: Steven Be
TIME: 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Thinking outside the fiber box: Steven encourages you to express yourself like never before. There are no rules, no mistakes, only variations. We will explore a variety of fiber techniques in this class-knit, crochet, felting, weaving and more. Exciting combinations of these techniques allow us to discover the fusion where crafting converges with art. Students are encouraged to experiment and express themselves through a variety of freeform techniques. Projects range from wearables to wall art, sculpture to runway and beyond.  Your personal treasure chest of trinkets, baubles, fibers, and beads can be used. The usual constricting pattern lines will be blurred and the outcome is a one-of–a-kind masterpiece. Techniques employed are knitting, crocheting, embroidery, and weaving, along with both wet and needle felting. Skill Level: Basic to advanced knit, crochet, and felting skills needed, or any combination of these with a deep desire to create. Beginning knitting and crocheting will not be taught.


Home Made Pedicure

Pedicures are luxurious and difficult. They make our feet look and feel amazing, but also make it necessary for others to handle our feet. While it seems like such a little thing for someone else to be handling your feet, this intimate area is full of many very sensitive nerve endings that can cause even the slightest touch to tickle and cause people to be uncomfortable. I am one such person that cannot stand to have a pedicure done.


That being said, I also cannot stand to have cracked and dry feet. Since I am all about the strappy sandal, my feet need to look and feel amazing all the time. This was a serious problem for me for quite a while, until I discovered I can do my own pedicure at home. Does it still tickle? Yes, but not quite as much and there is no embarrassment due to cracked heels or untrimmed nails when you do a pedicure at home. Plus it is easy to do and fairly cheap in comparison to a traditional pedicure.


All you will need in order to do a pedicure at home is:


Foot scrub

Foot lotion (handle lotion will no do)

Foot brush

Nail clippers

Nail file

Nail polish


First start out by scrubbing your feet with the foot scrub and the foot brush. This brush will help to remove any dead skin and help to remove any calluses you might have on your feet. The foot scrub will be designed to help remove the dead skin and remove rough skin that is on the feet.


Once the feet are clean, apply foot lotion quite liberally and massage this into the feet. This will penetrate the thicker skin of the foot and provide a very soft feel to the foot. This will also protect the feet from damage that normally builds up over time. The lotion should sit on the feet for a while in order to completely absorb into the skin. Wrapping the feet in a warmed towel can help the lotion to penetrate deep into the skin.


Once this is done, the nails should be worked on. This includes trimming and shaping the nails so that they look and feel good. While nail polish is not necessary, it is nice to add a finished look to the feet. Be careful with the toe nail polish and be sure to allow the polish to dry completely before putting socks and shoes back on; otherwise the nail polish will smear, ruining that perfect pedicure look.


Is The Face of Fashion Getting Darker?

There is a lot of controversy in the fashion industry regarding the color of the models. Many people have been noticing that the skin tone of the models is getting darker, leaving those who are pale by nature out in the proverbial cold. Yes, it is true that the skin tone of the models is getting darker, but it is not for a racial or stereotypical reason. Instead, it is politics.


Yes, you heard me right, politics has factored into fashion and it is not the first time. Fashion has been heavily influenced by the popular trends and a beloved president and glamorous wife makes for a stunning trend. While Barack Obama may be getting the hard end of life with people questioning his birth and everything he does, Michelle is not receiving this type of a reception.


Instead of icy shoulders, Michelle has become akin to Jackie Kennedy, a leader in fashion and a trend setter. The reason for this is due to her self assured and confident manner. Michelle Obama spends time working out, wears conservative but stunning outfits and take pride in herself and her family. This has caught the eye of fashion and women around the world. It is not uncommon to find many different outfits named for Michelle or that based off of outfits she has worn.


What does all of this have to do with the color of the models on the runway? Well, actually quite a bit. Because Michelle is very dark skinned, the models that are wearing outfits and colors like those she wears are also dark. The trend that she has set is one of black Americans standing up and being confident in themselves; and this has caused more black models to take over the runway and more designers to work to dress women like Michelle.


Does this mean that pale models are out of the loop and will not receive the favor of the designers? No, it doesn’t. There are still many pale models out there and there are many designers who will still cater to this skin tone, creating outfits that look good on the palest of people. It simply means for this moment that the darker skin is what people are focused on. It will even out as time goes on, making confidence the single most important feature in beauty and fashion once again.