All over the world there are people who need charity. Not everyone is as fortunate as you and I. It is therefore important for us to help out where we can and offer other countries or indeed people within our own country support.

When people think of charity they may initially think about donations but this is not the only way for you to do your bit. Over the years it has become clear that a really good way to get money for a charity is via fundraising. In basic terms fundraising is when you gather money or sometimes other resources, by asking people to donate money. There are lots of different ways to do this.

Holding an event is a way of having fun but at the same time gathering up money for a cause. This is just what Richard Moody organises. He is the kind of guy that can put on events for charities and pull in some big names. For example if he held a fashion show, it wouldn’t be surprising if people from designer labels or from came. He knows people in all industries which is really helpful when it comes to raising awareness.

You just have to look at an event like Live aid in 1985. Bob Geldof and Midge Ure put on a massive concert in order to raise funds for Ehtiopian famine. It was what was known as a dual venue concert because the event was held simultaneously in Wembley Stadium in London, England, United Kingdom (attended by 72,000 people) and John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States (attended by about 99,000 people). This of course an event on a really large scale but it just goes to show how well the idea works and why people turn to Richard Moody to help them with their events.

Caribbean Fashion Week

Caribbean Fashion Week 2011 is upon us. IamMoody’s own Richard Moody will be producing runway fashion throughout the entire week as well as participating in all of the festivities across Kingston, Jamaica!

More information about CFW 2011 can be found at

Be sure to follow Richard on both facebook and twitter to get all the updates as they happen while he is at Caribbean Fashion Week!

Fashion NOW!

Fashion NOW: The Golden Life

Fashion NOW

Join us for Fashion Now: The Golden Life

A night of Fashion and Music presented by 96.3 NOW Featuring the Spring fashion lines of Ariel Simone,The Buckle Mall of America, Betsy JohnsonSecond Debut and more.

Plus a live performance by National Recording Artist, AUBURN

Fashion NOW
Thursday, April 28, 2011
Fine Line Music Café
318 First Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Doors open at 8:00 pm. Tickets $15 in advance. $20 at the door. This is an 18+ event. Tickets available through Ticketmaster and the Fine Line Music Café Box Office.

Brought to you by Michelob Golden Draft LightMcDonald’sJungle Red Salon and Spa, and

For more info, visit

Patrick’s Bakery & Cafe

Patrick’s Bakery & Cafe

At Patrick’s Bakery & Café our philosophy is very clear, a great meal is an emotional experience and we at Patrick’s Bakery & Café try to make it an extraordinary one by creating beautiful pastries, exquisite dinners and lunches, wonderful breakfasts, artisan’s breads and warm cozy location that is inviting with a staff that cares about our important customers. Our chefs are bound by the same principles; therefore, no detail or element can be less important or more important than another in creating great meals, pastries, or breads.

It is our intention to take our valued customer through a French journey of culinary delight that awakens the senses, captures the imagination, inspires you to places you haven’t been before and leaves joyous memories. Because a great meal never fills you up it leaves a “Want” for the next time. It is this “Want” that brings back our customers.

Since opening our doors in 2002, Patrick’s Bakery & Café has been voted the top best Bakery, awarded numerous awards and written about in many various top publications. To be rewarded for doing something we love to do is an honor and we at Patrick’s Bakery & Café are dedicated to always providing the best. From our home to yours.

Your experience with Patrick’s Bakery and Cafe awaits you,
and we at Patrick’s Bakery & Café await you.


Project Runway Designer Returns Home

Project Runway Designer Returns Home After 23 Years to Design for Amani Liberia
and Cultivate the Blossoming Liberian Women’s Movement

“Sankofa Fashion Show” to feature Korto Momolu’s latest line on May 14th in Monrovia

Korto_new_resizeKorto Momolu

(MONROVIA, LIBERIA) April 7, 2011 – International fashion designer, Korto Momolu, will return to her home country of Liberia, in May 2011, accompanied by her public relations manager Leonard T. DeShield, Jr., to show a 27-piece collection designed specifically for Amani Liberia’s “Sankofa Fashion Show,” to be held Saturday, May 14, 2011, 8:00 p.m. (GMT) at City Hall in Monrovia. Tickets are $20 (USD).

Amani Liberia asked Momolu to represent Liberian women, because the fashion designer and stylist is living proof of the potential women have to develop their talents and be immense sources of innovation and strength. The word Sankofa means “looking back but moving forward,” which is Amani’s vision and Liberia’s reality.

“Amani Liberia’s goal is to create the opportunity for women to work with dignity and respect,” explains Amani Liberia Creative Director, Stephanie Myers. “Amani Liberia provides a place where women can earn an income for themselves and their families.”

CaptureAmani ya Juu

Amani Liberia is a nonprofit organization that teaches Liberian women how to create, market and manage businesses through textiles and sewing. Women grow in value and self respect while living in harmony and working together. To date, Amani ya Juu has helped hundreds of women.

“My vision is for these women to be self sufficient,” said Momolu. “I want them to be independent enough to stand on their own. It makes sense for me to go to them and be a part of this, because with these women, they are me and I am them. They can look at me and say it’s possible because she is like us. We’re the same cloth.”

Information and Donation:

Purchase Tickets:
MBL Entertainment Intl:

Press Inquiries:

Peace Through Fashion


American Cancer Society’s 2011 Relay For Life of Delta MSP

IamMoody’s own Beatrice Saunders is participating in the American Cancer Society’s 2011 Relay For Life of Delta MSP on May 12th, 2011 at MSP Airport. The American Cancer Society, Beatrice, and her team need your support.

View Beatrice’s personal page here.
View her teams page, the Happy Soles here.
Most importantly, make a donation here!

Manscaping… Need I Say More?

Sorry men, you guys are hairy. Manscaping helps to eliminate this hair. This has been a common behavior for individuals who work out and who swim regularly, but it never had a name before. Now removing the body hair has a name and is accepted on many more levels and many women expect manscaping. This became very popular in the 1990’s and 2000’s, although it has been actively practiced for centuries.




Manscaping is most often done with a razor. The hair is shaved off of the body just as it is done off the face. Ask any woman, and we can tell you that this is not as hard as it sounds. When using a razor, be sure to use a good shaving cream and a fresh razor. Especially when shaving below the belt, even if the razor has been used for a just a few weeks, be sure to get a new razor.


Creams and wax are also very useful means for hair removal. Creams are not appropriate for the private parts and wax can be very painful. If using cream, be sure to use to it appropriately. Do not leave it on the skin longer than necessary thinking to remove the hair faster. Wax can be burn if it is heated too long and it can be painful to rip off. Waxing is often best done with some help.


Shave What!?!

Manscaping means removing ALL, or at least most, of the excess hair. This means shaving your back, your neck, your chest, privates, and sometimes even arms and legs! This also means plucking your eyebrows and keeping the jaw-line clean. Sometimes this means not using the “do it yourself” method.


Shaving your chest, arms and legs can easily be done at home and in the shower. However! Plucking your eyebrows and shaving your back is not something that can be done alone. Plucking should NEVER be done alone. It is very easy to create an artificial shape, too narrow of a brow and at can be very easy to remove the entire eyebrow, and there is no recovery from that.


This does not mean that the entire body needs to be shaved. Skip shaving the armpits UNLESS you are a body builder or model. Women expect a little bit of hair in the pits and removing all of this hair can give too feminine of an appearance and can show a misunderstanding as to what manscaping really is.


Meeting in the Middle

Now, I spend A LOT of time in the gym. I have a man I love and he spends that same amount of time in the gym with me. That being said, I encourage manscaping… to a point. I prefer men who have some hair on their chest, just not enough to wrap around my fingers. He trims it with a buzz clipper to keep it soft and short without the chest stubble. He does the same for the rest of his body, allowing me to use a razor to clean up his back.


Most of the women I know feel the same about their men. The clean shaven look looks nice right after it is done. It even feels good for the first day. However, hair grows back and it can be tedious to shave daily, resulting in chest stubble. This is a turn off so short, soft hair is nice and fun to touch. Think Teddy Bear when you begin manscaping, and be sure to talk with your partner as their opinion will matter.


When Did Tattoos Become the “IN” Thing?

Following a trip back through America’s past, Tattoos first started showing up on more and more men in the US during the late 50s. Originally, tattoos were fancied by sailors and marines, and military personnel during the many, many wars our country fought over the years, namely World Wars. Since the 20s, military people have been getting their ranks, or unit, faction, etc. tattooed on their bodies, generally on their shoulders, as a sign of loyalty and pride. Back in the day, if you had a tat, it either meant you just got out of the military or you just were released from prison.

For historical definition, there are tattoo machines that date back all the way to the late 1800s.

There was this taboo association with tattoos that caused people to react. Ink on your skin, “Oh no, that person must be a ruffian!” In the early 1960s, in New York City, tattoo parlors enjoyed a brief period of popularity, until the City Health Department linked outbreaks of blood-borne hepatitis to them and shut many of them down. Shortly thereafter, the state of New York would outlaw tattoos, something that wouldn’t be repealed for a few decades.

In the 60s, Janis Joplin got one of her famous tattoos by Lyle Tuttle, something that would ultimately represent the nomenclature of tattoos as they transcended to 70s rockers and dead heads. By the time the 80s was in full force, tattoos were not nearly as taboo as they used to be. Many major cities had tattoo shops on street corners, and even those who were of higher education were getting inked.

Perhaps the popularity of MTV made tattoos more recognizable and mainstream during the 80s, a trend that would continue into the early 90s—when popular culture cemented tattoos as something that was not only acceptable, but that was hip, in and no longer taboo; never to be again.

While the 90s truly cemented a place for body art, most tattoo artists concur that it was the 80s that really made it hip. Things like MTV made it more mainstream, popular and desirable for many. This fad crossed over into the 90s, and into the 2000s. Growing more and more as time passed, up to the present day; where you see tattoos nearly everywhere you look, and on people from all walks of life.

Dining Out For Life


This year, 164 participating restaurants
in the Twin Cities, Duluth, and Rochester
have agreed to donate a portion of their proceeds
to The Aliveness Project, a local nonprofit organization
that provides on-site meals, food shelf
& other supportive services
for individuals living with HIV/AIDS and their families.

Last year’s Dining Out for Life raised $161,000 in donations from restaurants, sponsors and individual diners!
This year, our goal is $170,000!
For a list of this year’s restaurants
click on “participating restaurants” (above),

or visit our website at:
or contact us at  612-822-7946 or by e-mail at

Meet the Artist – Eric Madsen

Join the EXIT Realty Metro team in honoring artist Eric Madsen and viewing his art on exhibit at the EXIT Offices – Thursday April 14th from 6-8 pm. Eric will be here to visit with.

Join us for a fun evening, bring your friends.

To RSVP, please visit here.