Finding The Right Hair Dresser

Hair is an important part of every day life. Women and men spend hours fussing over their hair. While women still pay more attention to their hair then men, this difference is beginning to shorten, leaving more men paying a lot of attention to their hair. This is why it is so important to find the right hair dresser to match your personality and hair needs.

Believe it or not, not all hair is created equal. Some hair is easy to care for, requiring a simple wash every few days, while other hair requires a lot of attention and prepping before anything can be done with it. No matter what kind of hair you have, it is important to find a hair dresser who has the experience and talent to handle you specific type of hair.

There are some qualities that a good hair dresser should have. They should have the talent to be able to style their own hair and style other people’s hair. This is a pre-requesite to styling hair, I’m sure of it. Then the right hair dresser should be able to talk to his or her clients. Not only should they engage in the daily gossip, but they should also be able to convey information about the requested hair process.

This communication between the client and the hair dresser is vital. This includes the r information the client needs to know for how to care for the hair, as well as if there is a hair style that would look better on the individual. This information should be paired with reasoning as to why the advice should be followed and what might happen if the advice is ignored.

Some people prefer going to the small businesses verses the large corporations and vice versa. Let me assure you, neither is better than the other. Each get very well qualified and talented hair dressers. The larger corporations make it easier to get appointments, and since they are so large, the prices are generally lower. However, it can be much more difficult to get a singular hair dresser over another if you develop a favorite hair dresser. The smaller businesses are often more experienced hair dressers, but they can cost more money, are more difficult to make appointments with, and since there is a limited number of hair dressers, the lack of new information and styles can be frustrating for the average client.

If you find a great hair dresser, be sure to tip him or her well, and return to them frequently. This can help to develop a relationship between the hair dresser and the client, resulting in better cuts overall. This is because the hair dresser learns what the client wants and how to best achieve the necessary look. The hair dresser is also able to learn the specifics of the client’s hair, knowing the best products to use and how to best approach the challenge. The client on the other hand receives a perfect cut and process more often. In addition, the client also finds it easier to communicate with the individual over time.

Grunge is Dead- Ditch the Ripped Jeans

I remember when I was young, I had this pair of ripped up jeans. They earned every hole, every fray. I took them biking, hiking, swimming (accidentally) and camping. They were my favorite jeans. They were completely broken in and fit me like a glove. However, they were not worn for going shopping, not for going out to eat, or even hanging out at the movies. They were for rough and tumble fun that only a young tomboy can enjoy.

Now, I have to hunt to find a pair of jeans that do not look like the one’s that I had to finally get rid of because there was hardly any jean material on. The idea of jeans that do not look like they were worn out seems to be a thing of the past, and though I like the band, I really must blame Nirvana and the Grunge movement. Here is a hint though, Kurt Cobain is dead, and Nirvana is not making music anymore. The Grunge movement is now known as Garage music, and the whole thing is done. Get over it.

Sounds cold, I know, but really, it is so done, let us move on. The idea of buying a pair of ripped up jeans, with lacy patches, for $200 is ridiculous! If I wanted that, I’d go to the thrift store. I would not be looking in Gap for a pair of jeans that look like someone hit them with a truck. Come on, wake up and realize that you are spending a fortune to look like you don’t have any money. How fashionable and attractive is that?

If your jeans are so torn you have to wear leggings under them to avoid being charged with exposure, then it is time to get new jeans. If your jeans are stained, worn through before you have even worn them, think about it. Do you really want to look like you have had those jeans since childhood, or do you want to look like you could afford new and attractive jeans?

Need another reason to pass on those faded, ripped jeans? The faded marks are lighter than the jeans themselves, drawing more attention to that area. This can draw more attention to your butt and thighs, something most people try to avoid. Even those individuals who are tiny often look thicker there due to the fading in the jeans. The rips do the same thing, it looks like you are bursting through your jeans, not fitting them.

Blushing Tips

Blush is a difficult piece of make up to apply. A lot of people apply it way too thick, giving them a mask appearance. Luckily, there are some tips of the trade that can help people to put their blush on correctly, providing a warm glow, rather than a frightening mask.

  • Avoid using a blush brush, instead use a light sponge. This can help to give you a more even look with your blush, and it can help to give you more control as to where, and how much, make you are using.
  • If a blush brush is going to be used, be sure to tap it before applying it to your face. This will help to remove the excess blush powder and it will help you to avoid putting on more blush than needed.
  • Smile. You see those apples of your cheeks when you smile? That is where the blush is supposed to go. Remember, the blush is supposed to bring attention to your smile and cheek bones, which is done when you smile.
  • Use a neutral pink color. The harsher the color, the more fake it appears and this will give you a mask look. The neutral pink color is closer to your natural blushing color, and therefore can look fantastic.
  • Best way to apply makeup?If you are in a hurry, pass on the blush. Instead, simply pinch your cheeks lightly to draw color to your cheeks, or smile. This causes a natural blush, and makes you look more approachable. Who knows, you may decide you do not need blush, as you get more attention for your beautiful smile.

Above all, do the make up that matches your skin tone and texture. All of the tips in the world for how to apply make up will not help you if you use the wrong colors and textures. Avoid sparkles, as they are most associated with children and avoid deep colors. The deep colors are used by performers because it is easier to see under the harsh stage lights, but is not needed by those otherwise. Instead, it is important to remember that the natural body has no harsh colorations, like red in it, and therefore it can look fake and forced when worn.

The Lips Have It

The lips are one of the most commonly complimented and noticed feature on a woman, besides her twins. There is a lot of emotion in the lips, the communicate thoughts, feelings and ideals without necessarily speaking a single word. They are also what words come out of, which draws the attention of the man who actually listens to what the woman says.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of women who do not know how to dress their lips up. They do all kinds of unbelievable actions that they think are attractive, but generally sends the wrong message to those around them. By dressing the lips correctly, they can remain happy and healthy. In addition, those who are just meeting the individual can get the right idea regarding the individual and maybe even find them more attractive.

  1. Ditch the lip liner. Lining the lips used to be very hot and even necessary. It used to be that the lipstick would melt, and the lip liner would be used to keep the lipstick in place. However, we have new lipstick that does not melt or flake off the lips. There is no longer a need for lip liner. If you are going to use lip liner, use a small amount and keep it the same color and shade as your lipstick. Be sure to blend the line in very well.
  2. Relax with the bright colors. Many people find the bright reds and corals too loud and too distracting. This is not a good thing. Instead, use deeper reds and more neutral colors on your lips. This will attract attention to your lips without them dominating your entire face. Think about it, no one ever wanted a head with just lips.
  3. Slip the glitter. A lot of women still cling to their glitter. Relax, you can sparkle and shine without the glitter. Leave it at home, or better yet, get rid of it. The glitter lips are gone, thank heavens.
  4. Too add a little shine, consider using a gloss. These glosses come in the tinted and non-tinted varieties. A little hint of color for work can be achieved with the tinted gloss, while the non-tinted gloss is ideal for when one is actually wearing lipstick.

Eye Make Up 101

We went over how to put on eye make up a while ago. We discussed the methods and the application of the make up itself. We even got some hints as to how to make your eyes look bigger, smokier, or more flirtatious. However, I think it is time to talk about color with your eye make up.

A lot of people are under the impression that they should wear eye shadow that matches their outfit. While this can bring some attention to your eyes, most often it is negative attention, rather than positive attention. This leaves most people looking like clowns, rather than the respectable, intelligent and beautiful women (and men) that they are.

Instead, think about wearing colors that compliment your eyes. Yeah, this will cut down on your color choices considerably, but it can provide the best look possible, and give you the results that you are looking for. Here is a basic little chart that I wrote up to help you find the right make up colors for you and your own, unique and beautiful eyes.

Eyes Base Color Highlight Color
Brown Blue Silver
Blue Brown Green
Green Redish-Brown Pink
Hazel Blue-Green Gold

Play around with the different hues, and find the perfect colors for your eyes. You can go darker in order to get that smoky look, or you can go lighter, more pastel to find that fun and flirtatious look. No matter what, make sure the colors work for your eyes, rather than following just your outfit.

Spring Fashion Colors

This spring it is all about a color known as honeysuckle. This is a pinkish-orange color. It screams spring! It is big and bold. It is flattering on most skin colors and can help to cheer a person up in a cinch. However, this color can be over done. Once it is over done, it becomes demanding and too loud, making one look like a fool rather than a fashionable individual.

First off, remember that just because a color is hot, that does not mean it needs to be worn. Some people really do not like this color. Personally, I love it, but hey, I love color. If you don’t like it, don’t wear it. Just don’t be surprised if you see a lot of it this season.

If the issue with the clothing is that it does not go well with your skin tone, relax, there are ways around this. First, consider layering the outfit. Try placing a neutral color under the honeysuckle to create a more relaxed feel to it. This will keep the bright honeysuckle off your skin, but still allow you to wear this hot color. Do not pair this with another loud color as this can become overly demanding and loud.

Another idea is to use this brilliant color as that “pop” of color we talked about throughout the year. Try using it in your shoes, as a belt, or as a cami. This scan keep the color limited, provide a more professional look, and still allow you to have fun with this great color. After all, that’s what fashion is all about, feel, look and fun.

How to Give a Romantic Massage on Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to be rolling in cash just to give someone a great Valentine’s Day gift. Sometimes the gifts that come from the heart are the most meaningful. With Lover’s Day coming up just around the corner in Mid-February, I am sure that there are many of you out there that may be undecided about what you should get for that special someone in your life. One thing to consider here – even if you already have a great gift purchased, or plan on purchasing one – is that a romantic massage will always win over hearts.

But only if you have a few good pointers in mind before you start getting busy with your hands. So to better help you out along the way, here are some easy tips on how you can pull off a very romantic Valentine’s Day massage. A massage can be an amazing heartfelt gift that will certainly demonstrate to your significant other that they truly do the mean the world to you.

Make sure that you have the necessary items before you decide to offer a romantic massage. A few things that you will want to have handy: Some scented candles and soft music to set the mood, scented or non-scented massage oils for lubrication, and some sheets that you can lay out on the bed so that you don’t stain your mattress or comforter with excess oil runoff. Also, burning some incense can aid in relaxation too.

You may want to watch a few how-to videos on giving massages so that you know how to use your hands in the proper way, even if you are not a trained massage therapist. I have taken the liberty of looking around to find one for you. Swedish massage happens to be a very popular form of relaxing massage.

Click Here to watch a Video on Swedish Massage.

Just spend a little bit of time studying the hand strokes and movements, and make sure that you get the necessary items you will need, and the rest is up to you.

Swing into the Night – Top Ten Reasons to Learn How to Swing Dance

I’ve always loved swing dancing. It looks so cool, so unique and so profound. I was even looking up different studios that teach you how to swing dance, and I was quite amazed at how popular this form of dance is presently. Tons of people embrace swing dancing, and it is widely loved and enjoyed around the world. I was even able to find listings for hundred of swing dance clubs that are located in major cities worldwide.

Who knew that swing dancing was so popular during the present day? Then you have the awesome tunes that go along with it, that just make you want to sway your hips to beat. I thought it necessary to offer you a few great reasons why you should learn how to swing dance. Also, here’s a cool video I found on Youtube that teaches you How to Swing Dance.

Top Ten Reasons to Learn How to Swing Dance

  1. Chances are fair that there is a dance studio in your location or near to where you live that offers lessons.
  2. Speaking of lessons, I was looking at rates, and it’s very affordable to learn how to swing dance.
  3. Learning something new and exciting that you can keep with you forever is always a huge plus.
  4. Being able to hone your skills so that you can flaunt your moves on the dance floor.
  5. Swing dancing is something that you and your significant other can enjoy doing together.
  6. It’s really fun and easy to learn, in no time you can be dancing the night away.
  7. Being able to dress up like a 1930s swing dancer and really having some fun out on the town.
  8. The music is awesome.
  9. Having something different to do for a change.
  10. Burning some calories while having a blast.

Top Five Valentine’s Day Gifts (Excluding Flowers & Candy)

The romancing day of Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, and you have roughly two weeks or so to get some ideas under your belt and ensure that you are ready for this special day. If you happen to be in a relationship, I am sure that there have been some classic Valentine’s Day gifts that you have been considering. But it doesn’t hurt to think outside of the box every once in a while, either. So with that in mind, I have a few more Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you that stray a little bit away from the cliché. All so that you can change things up if you so desire.

  1. Romantic escape: Think about the last time that you got away from it all. It doesn’t have to be very expensive. Even getting a nice hotel room a few cities away can allow you to get some one-on-one time in and change up the pace a tad bit.
  2. Get her a girl’s day at the spa. I don’t think that any woman would be disappointed by a spa day. You can easily find some great packages around this time of the year as well. A massage, a facial and a body wrap would make her feel oh’ so loved.
  3. His and her engraved bracelets. What a way for you to really show that your relationship is that special and meaningful to you. You can find some great deals on jewelry this time of the year, and you can also have it engraved with both of your initials and something romantic and sweet.
  4. Lingerie will make her smile and reward you as well. Girls love getting lingerie. Just make sure that you know what her sizes are before splurging, and make sure to get a gift receipt in case she needs to make any exchanges.
  5. Couple’s massage. Treat both of you to an intimate and very relaxing couple’s massage. You can find some great package deals on these, and they usually offer an hour of pampering for the both of you, generally in the same room with two massage therapists.

Annette’s 4th Annual Jamaica Fundraiser

If Education is the Key to the Future of Our Youth,

You Hold the Key to the Possibilities



Annette Fitterer of Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery invites you

to the 4th Annual Jamaican Fundraiser

Fort Williams Pre-School in Fort Williams, Jamaica

MINNEAPOLIS, MN :   If education is the key to the future of our youth, you hold the key to the possibilities.  The 4th Annual Jamaican Fundraiser returns to raise funds for the Fort Williams Pre-School Project, based in Fort Williams, Jamaica, on Saturday, March 5, 2011, 1-5 p.m. at Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery.  Tickets are $25 for a single and $40.00 for two prior to the event, $30.00 for a single ticket or $50.00 at the door.  The fundraiser’s grand prize will be a 32 inch LCD HD TV.  All who purchase an event ticket will gain admission and will be entered-to-win the grand prize. No need to be present to win.

The funds will assist in the final stages of the building and roofing work started back in 2010 as well as contribute to the interior refurbishing of the pre-school.  From electricity to a beautiful school, the Fort Williams pre-school continues to grow as a focal point in the community and a suitable learning environment for the future of its children.  It will also be a way to hold community events which we then can make money to put back into the school.

A trip taken in 1995, Minnesotan Annette Fitterer was inspired and motivated to do something in a location that she found was her ‘home away from home.’  “Jamaica was at first just a simple vacation destination to me.  I had a very humbling experience that made me take a look at my life and how grateful I should be.  I had the opportunity to experience the culture, meet people who have become my dear friends and my family,” said Fitterer.  I was introduced to a pre-school teacher of 34 years, Ms. Loretta Samms and it changed my life.  Then she introduced me to the many children that she taught.  “I could see what was needed by looking at those children’s faces.  They loved their teacher and they loved to learn.

What could I do for this school and these children so that the only worries would be getting to class and learning.”  Fitterer has dedicated her life to making sure that not only Fort Williams Pre-School receives the necessary means to provide the ideal learning environment, but to continue to help other schools in years to come.

For 2011, plans are in the works to finish the beams in the roof, landscaping, painting a mural on the building food and many different small projects requested by Ms. Samms.  Materials, tools and workmanship will be needed to complete this goal. All the money goes directly to the project to make a suitable environment for these children to attend school.


Date: Saturday, March 5, 2011

Time: 1-5 p.m.

Location:  Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery – 800 LaSalle Plaza – Minneapolis, MN  55402

Ticket Info:  Tickets – $25 for a single ticket – $40.00 for two prior to event; $30.00 for a single ticket – $50.00 for two at the door

Purchase tickets through directly through Annette Fitterer at Rock Bottom Brewery at 612-332-7350 or 651-338-7769.

Facebook page: