Oct 28th – Bold Beautiful Curvy

IamMoody, BMW of Minnetonka and SEVEN present Bold Beautiful Curvy

October 28th will be a first of it’s kind fashion show in Minnesota; an exclusively plus sized fashion show. Women come in every shape and size, and the fashion world caters to the curvy girl too and here is your chance to see what Minnesota has to offer for a naturally voluptuous woman.

Come out to BMW of Minnetonka, 15802 Wayzata Blvd, Minnetonka, MN 55391 on October 28th, 2010. Delicious food will be served by SEVEN the STEAKHOUSE SUSHI ULTRALOUNGE SKYBAR.
Styles will be presented by Saks Fifth Ave OFF 5th, Second De’but and ArielSimone

Tickets will be $15 in advance, $20 at the door.

Pop Fizz Publicity

Pop Fizz Daily posted a nice write up about the upcoming Bold Beautiful Curvy fashion show. In case your not on the newsletter mailing list:

In no way do you resemble a toothpick or Kate Bosworth.

Now if only you could find some clothes that look as good as you.

You’ll be able to scout out the local options at the first ever Bold, Beautiful Curvy show.

The iammoody production is out to show the world there’s more than one way to look beautiful (and it doesn’t begin and end at size zero). Not a plus-size show, per se, but a stylish homage with clothing and accessories from Second Debut (pictured, left) and Saks Off Fifth (pictured, middle), swimwear from Nani Nalu and fashion-forward looks by local designer ArielSimone (pictured, right).

It seems that real women not only have curves, but taste and sex appeal, too.

Sound like anyone you know?

Bold Beautiful Curvy fashion show, Thursday, doors open at 5 p.m. and show starts at 6 p.m., BMW 15802 Wayzata Blvd, Mtka. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door and discounts are available for group of four or more.

Top Three Halloween Costumes Cop-Outs

Halloween has finally neared once again and that means that there are tons of people who will be celebrating this day of dressing up and wearing face paint, and getting down at the many parties that take place. This year, with the holiday falling on Sunday the 31st, you can bet that most people will be heading out to parties on the day prior, Saturday the 30th. I have a good mind to think – much like many other Halloweens in the past – that there will be both a mixture of great costumes as well as some horrible ones that reflect that a person does not either care about this holiday, they didn’t want to spend too much money, or they just copped out on the Halloween costume this year. In case you are wondering, I totally copped out for the Halloween party I plan on attending. And I don’t feel bad about it all. So what follows are the top five Halloween costume cop-outs. If you guessed that I am going dressed as the first one on this list, you get a spooky gold star.

  1. The vampire teeth and eyeliner costume. This one is so easy. I got myself a pair of teeth at a Halloween store for about twenty dollars. Some black skinny jeans, a dark black top and some eyeliner completes this $20 Halloween costume.
  2. The homeless person. We all have some torn up and damaged clothing in our wardrobes. I usually wear these when I am doing my yard work. All you need to do is add some face paint to make it look like you are a vagabond, and you are set. Estimated cost: $5.
  3. The hippie. Hit up any K-mart near you and purchase a really cheap and cheesy, tie-dyed shirt. Add a long hair wig and headband, and some bell-bottomed jeans, and you are good to go. Estimated cost: $10-$30.

How to Win Back Your Ex-Boyfriend

If you were recently involved in a committed and monogamous relationship, and now you suddenly find yourself single and hating it, there could be a wide array of reasons as to why the relationship failed. Aside from the mental trauma that you may be experiencing, combined with the stresses of being single again, if you still love your ex-boyfriend and really want to win him back, there are some solid methods of approach that you can implement. While no approach is going to guarantee you success, if you are really adamant about winning him back, there are some key things that go on in the minds of men when they have parted ways their girlfriends or significant others.

Relationships can fail for many different reasons. The most common one, sadly, is that one party has cheated on the other. From this standpoint we must first identify if cheating and breaking the bonds of trust were indeed a factor. Did you cheat on your boyfriend, and did he find out and then break up with you? Paramount to this would be the fact that there are many different aspects of the cheating process. For example, in many instances a person will cheat on their lover with someone that they both know, such as a close friend of them both. In such cases, winning back your boyfriend would be a very difficult prospect, because he did not only lose you due to the affair, but he also lost a friend.

Aside from cheating, there are other reasons why a relationship might go sour. Perhaps you were unwilling to compromise on something that he found to be very important. Some things that come right to mind include, for instance, moving to a new location where he had a job offer and you not supporting his decision. Or, say, you both were fighting and bickering all of the time with no light at the end of the tunnel in sight, and he finally was mental taxed and called it quits on you. No matter what the reason was for your breakup, if you still love and miss your ex-boyfriend, and you really want him back in your life—this simple blog can offer you some hidden treasures and approaches that may be able to net you back the love of your life.

Identifying What Went Wrong

The importance of owning up for your actions and not playing the blame game and realizing that you may have caused the breakup are essential in the healing process. It is of good mind to evaluate yourself, your lifestyle and your tendencies, and see if any changes can be made that could allow for you win him back.

Analyzing Yourself

You should really analyze and ensure that you are in a mental position to actually be back in the same relationship. Also, you should take a look at some key factors – from the mental stance – that caused the breakup in the first place. Things that come to mind include: Cheating, laziness, or constant fighting and bickering. Can you change these things?

Are You Sure You Are Ready to Be Back Together?

Look at the pros and cons of the relationship, note the key points on why it failed. Did yours fail because of any of these? It is of a good mind to really weigh these pros and cons – in your mind and in the mind of your ex – before trying to win them back.

Did You Cheat? How to Right to Wrong (If Possible)

Cheating is such a relationship killer. Aside from the numerous health risks that are associated, the heartbreak and the mental duress it causes that may have led up to the demise of the relationship, it’s just a top reason why many relationships fail. Identify what the chances are of being forgiven for cheating and moving forwards in a positive manner. Is it even possible at this point, or should you just move on?

Narcissism 101: Are You a Diva? Some Questions to Ask Yourself

We all know people that are narcissistic. If you are not sure what this word means, I will save you some time by telling you what its meaning commutates. No dictionary required. In so many words, someone who is a narcissist is indulging in self love. The world revolves around them. They matter the most. Nothing else compares. They tend to be vain, and admire themselves in the mirror. They tend to be passive aggressive and talk down to others (because no one else could possibly be as smart and suave as they are).

Divas easily fall into this category of people. Don’t confuse Divas with only pop stars, as they know many different faces and both sexes. Rather, Divas can be football stars, actors, actresses, models, rockstars, famous people with attitudes (hint-hint, Paris Hilton), and just about any kind of a-hole that you have ever met who is a drama queen that is stuck on themselves. So are you a Diva? Take the quiz below and see if you meet these high standards of brashness.

  1. Do you have to be the life of the party? The best looking whenever you go out on town? Does who you associate yourself with have to be up to par with YOUR standards? News alert: Diva approaching centerfield.
  2. When things go wrong do you fish for solace? Do you poise loaded questions so your friends offer you comfort to satisfy your ego? If so, add drama queen to diva and you are on the right track here.
  3. Do you frequently interrupt people when they are telling you something personal and important, so that you can recant something that mattered more to you that happened to you, that you find to be more important? This one is self explanatory.

Performers at Fashion Fright Night

The upcoming Fashion Fright Night at the Fineline will have two great performances, here’s a little preview.

Power Suits for Women

danasmith: Flickr.comThere seems to be a misconception that the modern woman must wear a man’s style power suit. These very plain suits lack the embellishment that most women’s clothing has. The suit maybe made of a very strong and rich material, but it truly lacks the feminine touches. These suits may present a strong image, but the image is more masculine than feminine, making it look more like the woman wants to be a man, rather than her being a powerful and comfortable woman. This can greatly hinder the woman in her climb to the top.

Cream Jersey Reefer JacketFor a woman in the position of power, it can be difficult to find the right balance between a power suit and a cute, feminine outfit. Luckily, simply adding embellished items like the embellished cardigan or embellished tops. A little hint of embellished knitwear can go a long ways. It can sometimes be all that is needed to make the outfit really stand out. A floral dress can be a very professional and powerful article of clothing as well. It is important to keep these floral dresses minimal though, as they can also look over done and even matronly.

There is a fine line between the professional dresses and the party dresses. Polka dot dresses can be very professional, but sequin dresses are party dress all the time. Tea dresses can be used as a professional dress and with the application of a dress suit jacket, the tea dress can be a key feature of the professional woman’s attire. High waisted jeans are not professional though. Woman’s jeans should always stay out of the power suit attire, no matter how nice they look.

Wrap Print Java DressWith a little work, the professional woman can step out of the man’s clothing and enter a world of beautiful feminine touches and outfits, while still maintaining that strong business person or professional image. Remember women, you are women, and accentuating that does not detract from your ability to handle the work just like any professional man.

Curvy Is Beautiful

Navy Bow Detail Shift DressIt used to be that the only people who were considered “beautiful” by the fashion industry were the stick thin individuals. Outfits were only cut for the men and women with near anorexic body styles. This “ideal” was then posted in magazines, commercials and billboards for impressionable youth to view and strive towards. While there may be a weight problem with the current population, there is also a problem with the population attempting to starve itself to fit into this “ideal” that was portrayed by the fashion industry.

Brown Bow Belt Ditzy Ruffle DressLuckily, this trend is beginning to change. The fashion industry has finally learned that most of the world is not that thin and that clothing needs to be constructed to flatter those who are a more realistic average size and even those who are above average. This has led to plus size fashion shows, more average women in the traditional fashion shows and an overall acceptance of people for the way that they are.

There are now plenty of beautiful, embellished knitwear pieces and tea dresses for women who are heavier than the traditional model. The creation of embellished cardigans and high waisted jeans helps to ensure that the woman is able to show off her curves in a flattering and stunning way. Embellished tops and floral dresses help to take the eye away from trouble spots and draw it towards the sexy areas of the woman’s body. Lady’s knitwear is now designed to hug the best parts of the body while flowing away from the less desirable segments. Party dresses are even being designed for the plus size women. These sequin dresses and polka dot dresses are designed to minimize the body while still looking absolutely stunning.

Next time I hear a woman talking about how she hates her body because nothing fits, I can rest assured that it is simply because she is not looking for anything that fits. I know that the designers are creating beautiful pieces of wardrobe designed for the average and above average woman. Gone are the days of stick figures, and here are the days of the curves. Enjoy it and all the wonders that these designers have made for our dressing pleasure.

Running Partners Who Do NOT Want to Run

Running is a great way to get some exercise. Generally speaking it is cheap, although specialized running shoes can be rather expensive. It doesn’t take any money to simply walk out the door and run around the block, or several blocks. It is a great cardiovascular exercise, and one of the best ways to lose weight and become healthier. Unfortunately, it really is not a lot of fun to run alone. This is why most people get a running partner to keep them motivated to run.

Morning WalkMan’s best friend, the dog, is considered a very good running partner. Not too many dogs turn their noses up to the idea of taking a quick jog or a full blown run. Most dogs are all too happy to run all day. Unfortunately for me, my running partner simply is not interested in running. She’s one of the rare dogs who would much rather walk, or even stay home and sit on the couch, rather than take a run. What do you do when your running partner doesn’t want to run, but you do not want to run alone? You compromise.

Trisha, my lovely Pit Bull/German Shepherd mix is my non-running dog. She’s a sweater wearing pooch who thinks that anything but bright sun and warmth is simply too bad to go out in. However, go out she will if there is the right incentive. A simple treat is most often enough to get her out the door. Running means true compromise though. While I want to run straight through for a mile at a time, she’d rather break it down if she has to run it at all. Break it down we do, running full speed for a tenth of a mile, walking for a couple minutes, and then running full speed again.

While it takes a little longer to finish the typical 3 mile run that we do, this method may be even better for my health than simply jogging the 3 miles. The interval training method is currently one of the hottest trends in the fitness circles. This gives her time to burn off her energy and still smell the flowers. Yes, we stop at the yards with the best flowers and she takes her time sniffing each one of them.

Does this compromise method work for all runners who do not necessarily want to run? Well, it can, with a little work. It certainly is worth the try. If the running partner simply refuses to run at all though, or is consistently stopping or not showing up, then it may be time to get a new running partner. I figure eventually I’ll need to look into a new puppy who wants to run, Trisha simply is not getting any younger and I cannot expect her to run forever. Until then, both of us will work on getting in shape by using the interval training method that she sets and enjoys.