Sep 29th – Saint Paul Capital Collective

The Saint Paul Capital Collective is coming to the Landmark Center in downtown Saint Paul, MN on Sep 29, 2010.

The Saint Paul Capital Collective will showcase the best that Minnesota’s capital city has to offer to the world of fashion and fund-raising.

This amazing event will showcase a fashion show with styles from Karma, Flirt Boutique, BlackBlue, Lula and Allee MetroChic. Tickets for this event will be $40 and limited to 250 people.

Doors open at 6:30, show starts at 7:30.

Arrive early because the first 100 people through the door get a great gift bag filled with goodies!

More info to come!

Richard Moody on Twin Cities Live

IamMoody’s Chief Visionary, Richard Moody, will be on Twin Cities Live on Oct 11th. Be sure to visit the TCL website to keep an eye on the coming up schedule.

Meet Me At The Boulevard

“Meet me at the boulevard…”
An Event for Fall’s most eligible Singles

Minneapolis, mn: Charity event hosted by celebrity matchmaker and relationship expert Kailen Rosenberg, founder of Kai-len Love and Life Architects and Giorgio Armani Beauty expert Tim Quinn are presenting a singles-only matchmaking event at the newly opened euro-inspired restaurant BLVD on Friday, October 1st from 4-6p.m; 100% of the proceeds will go to the Ronald McDonald House. Kailen is partnering with Giorgio Armani Beauty, Twiggs Salon and her team of experts to give a few lucky singles the chance to meet other top Twin Cities singles and get a private makeover with Tim Quinn. Other giveaways include 2nd row Vikings tickets at the 30 yard line, makeovers at Twiggs Salon, dinners at BLVD and more!

Kailen Rosenberg is a relationship expert who founded Kai-len Love and Life Architects, the first of its’ kind Healthy Relationship Firm. Kailen has been featured on NBC’s “The Today Show”, ABC”s “Good Morning America” as well as numerous local television shows. She is working with Tim Quinn of Armani Beauty, who is the personal make-up artist of Uma Thurman, Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stefani, Kim Cattrall, Brooke Shields and more.  KLLA is also partnering Shauna Raisch, owner of Twiggs Salon who was featured on Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker,” world renowned psychologist and author Dr. Brenda Schaffer, as well as personal trainer and owner of Strength byHamish, Hamish Ganga. Kailen is also excited to announce an event partnership with Dean Vlahos, owner of The BLVD and Redstone Restaurants.

Go to to nominate yourself or the amazing single person you think would benefit from this one-of-a-kind experience!

For more information or questions about the event, contact Kelly Koski at 952-544-5683 or email at

Rock the Pink 2010 Follow Up

Rock the Pink 2010 at Uptown Drink was a huge success. Over $12,000 was raised for these four wonderful women. Here is the thank you speech given by Kimberly Hoffer.



I don’t know which is harder…….talking to you about my Breast Cancer or trying to get into the red DELTA uniform dress all alone in my hotel room!

There is no escape from a body that has betrayed you to Cancer. Neither physically, mentally or financially. At great cost you can try to remove it from the body, but you can’t remove it from the mind. It’s a nightmare that simply evolves into other phases and much of it I’m not able to speak about.

Added sadness has been my Brother Mark’s stage 4, Esophageal Cancer diagnosis a year to the day after my diagnosis and last weeks loss of my Husband Kilian’s Father to Cancer.

It’s as though my life is a city that has been destroyed in a war. All of the landmarks are gone, severely damaged or painfully different. I’m going to have to rebuild myself and my life one brick at a time.
I want each of you to turn to the person next to you and know that you are looking upon the face of someone as generous and caring as yourself! EACH of you has brought me a brick today to build my new foundation! Thank you!

A very special thank you to the ORGANIZERS of this GIFT of an event, Richard Moody, Lou Reynolds and Jodi Zueger, for seeing a need, putting their heads together and making it happen!
(Revised to add) With further knowledge, more thanks include Richard’s Partner, Lou Reynold’s Partner Michael, Jodi’s Husband and Daughter Terry and Raven and Tony Aguon.



ArielSimone is a stunning new fashion line by local designer Adrienne Yancy. Recently Adrienne was interviewed by Ch 12 news in Plymouth, MN. Have a look see

ArielSimone can be purchased at Adrienne’s Etsy account, follow here

Support your local designers!!!

6th Annual “For the Love of Peyton” Blanket Party

The inspiration for the Blanket Party was a hand-tied blanket given to Peyton Bocklage during his treatment for cancer. We are continuing the tradition of bringing comfort, hope and love to others through the making and distribution of hand-tied blankets.

Volunteers meet once a year to make as many hand-tied fleece blankets as possible in this one evening. Last years blankets were donated to many local organizations including: Safe Haven for Youth,The Family Place, Gillette Children’s Hospital, and Hospice-Minnesota. 

No Sewing Skills Required!!! You DO NOT need to know how to sew. All you need to do is cut fabric, and tie a knot.

What To Bring: Fleece, a pair of sharp scissors, and a friend or two!

Fleece needed per blanket – Child sized = 3 yards (2 pieces @1.5 yards each) Teen/adult sized = 5 yards (2 pieces @2.5 yards each)

We have room for over 200 people, and refreshments will be served!

If you are unable to attend, we are also accepting donations of fleece or “funds for fleece!”

This is an all volunteer event, and we couldn’t do it with out all the generous donations and participation! Hope to see you on Oct 9th!

For information, email us at:

FYI – Peyton is now six years old and never without a smile!

Location: Transfiguration Lutheran Church
11000 France Ave S, Bloomington, MN

UPDATE as of Sep 26th, 2010!

Wrapped in Love –

Minneapolis Woman Takes Inspiration from Grandson’s Fight for Life

For Immediate Release, September 23, 2010

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The inspiration For the Love of Peyton Blanket Party was a hand-tied blanket given to Peyton Bocklage during his treatment for cancer at 7 months old. In honor of Peyton who recently celebrated his sixth birthday, happy and healthy, the volunteer-driven, 6th Annual For the Love of Peyton Blanket Party, Saturday October 9, 2010 at 6:30 PM, Transfiguration Lutheran Church, 11000 France Avenue South, Bloomington, Minnesota, continues the tradition of bringing comfort, hope and love to others through the making and distribution of hand-tied blankets to hospices and shelters including Cherish the children, People Serving People and Hospice of the Twin cities for Children and adults who so desperately need to be wrapped in love.

In 2005, Berva Bocklage, a Mound, Minnesota resident answered a phone call no parent or grandparent ever wants to receive.  Her seven month old grandson, Peyton, from Florida, had just been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a cancer whose prognosis is more favourable if diagnosed before one year of age. Berva explains, “Go on line and look up neuroblastoma and your heart drops to the floor.”

Surgery at 7 months, when Peyton turned 1 year of age, he had cancer from head to toe.  Fighting infections and delays for many months, finally two bone marrow transplants and then radiation, Peyton was 2 when they said “no sign of cancer.”  Never far from her mind, as Berva told us, “Peyton has his big test every August while we hold our breath and wait for the results.”

Touched by the hand-tied blanket Peyton received during treatment, Berva Bocklage decided that she would do all she could to bring hope to others in despair by creating the “For the Love of Peyton Blanket Party”.   Her friends on the ready to help, the first party was held in a friend’s home.  Growing larger each year the Blanket Party moved to a restaurant, then hospital conference room and now is held in a Church Fellowship Hall.

A grass roots effort of family and friends, all is achieved with an army of Minnesota volunteers and donations for the “fleece fund”.  In 2009 a group of over 200 volunteers lovingly tied 350 blankets which were distributed throughout the Twin Cities to hospitals and shelters including Cherish the Children, People Serving People and Hospice of the Twin Cities.

Heather Reynolds, director of Cherish the Children, the childcare center at the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center, “Our program is one of the programs that receive the wonderful blankets from “For the Love of Peyton Blanket Party.” At the childcare center we use the blankets as gifts for the holidays. I have seen children come to the center all bundled up in their blankets because their parents are walking or bussing with the children in cold weather.”

Volunteers For the Love of Peyton Blanket Party come from all walks of Minnesota life;  doctors, moms, IT specialists, carpenter, teachers, retirees, grandmas and grandpas, high school students, youth groups, nurses, photographers. Second year volunteer and Faculty of Dentistry student, Eva Lau, is challenging her classmates and the Faculty of Medicine at U of M to volunteer at this October’s Blanket Party to tie blankets for those in need.

Kristin Debner, Volunteer Coordinator, Hospice of the Twin Cities, “Many of our patients reside in Nursing Homes and the blankets your group provides help to make their rooms feel more like home. Our staff tells us how the patients’ faces light up when their blankets are brought out to them.”

The Love of Peyton Committee, also volunteers, work diligently throughout the year to make this one evening annual October event a success, with the focus of surpassing the previous years target of numbers of blankets made, so they can be distributed to more charities and a greater number of children and adults in need can receive these hand-tied blankets.

Amy Jenkins, Director of Development, People Serving People, “When families arrive at People Serving People, often the only belongings they have fit into a garbage bag. Being homeless means that you are often forced to be transient.  Blankets are important because they can keep children and their families warm and also offer security, much like a baby’s blanket does.”

The spirit has gone global. This year the first Peyton Fleece Fund raiser will be held in Canada by a group of women who are inspired by Bocklage’s conviction.

Berva explains “Because of your effort as a volunteer or when you make a donation to The Love of Peyton Blanket Party, know that you are making an important difference to someone’s life.”   The 6th Annual For the Love of Peyton Blanket Party will help many who need to be wrapped in love.



Berva Bocklage – creator of “For the Love of Peyton”

email: call: 952 472 2590

Marlys Olson – Love of Peyton Committee

Email: phone number: 952-934-7029

Leontine Larson 952-472-5096

Hi-Res photos of Peyton & For the Love of Peyton Blanket Party available upon request

Those who wish to volunteer or donate, please contact:

Marlys Olson – Love of Peyton Committee


More quotes from organizations:

Heather Reynolds, Director of Cherish the Children and recipient of blankets continues, “Last year we also used some of the blankets to replace our old worn quilts that the children use at their nap times. Many children have a favorite blanket that they choose again and again and it really helps them to have that familiar blanket at nap time – especially if they are struggling with separation.

We really are grateful for these blankets and the children really do love them. I should say that ours is not the only program at the center here that uses the blankets. Children in our emergency department, other housing programs and our Family Stabilization programs also get blankets when they need them.”

Sep 26th – Catwalk on a Hot Tin Roof

SEVEN SUSHI ULTRALOUNGE AND SKYBAR and IamMoody present Catwalk on a Hot Tin Roof

Come out to SEVEN starting at 11:00am for a unique jazz brunch with Wenso Ashby, contemporary jazz with soul. Drink specials and delicious food from SEVEN SUSHI ULTRALOUNGE AND SKYBAR. The afternoon will wrap up with an incredible fashion show starting at 2:30pm. The styles presented will be OPM Boutique for women and Bumbershute for women.

Pricing for the brunch will be announced soon. Proceeds from the brunch will benefit the Walker West Music Academy and Dress for Success.

The Office Chair Workout in Three Easy Steps

According to the US government, the number one New Year’s resolution for 2010 was in fact weight loss. This really should not come as any surprise, however. This is because Americans tend to be the fattest people, per capita, in the world. With more than 40% of our society sporting bulging tummies, or what many people call the ‘spare tire’ around their midsections, one can easily denote that we all could use a little bit of working out here and there. Then comes our busy days, the daily hectic schedules that we must endure, and many of us commute to and from work, usually working in offices, or at least for a great deal of US workers. So where do you find time to workout? How do you enjoy weight loss without getting overtired? I have a simple way for you to tone your abs—and all from your office chair, no tummy tuck required.

  1. The office chair ab crunch. This one is so simple that you will laugh. Sit up straight with proper posture. Then squeeze your abs as you lean in and hold it, and count to three slowly. Ten reps of ten per day will make that fat trim away,
  2. The office chair side bar love handle destroyer. Love handles are those annoying pockets of fat around our sides, called that because people can hold onto them when they are making love. Use your office chair to get rid of them. Outstretch your arm so it is elongated and the slowly crunch to side and hold, count to three and repeat. Ten reps per side, per day, makes love handles get a divorce from your body.
  3. The circular super ab crunch. Lastly, pretend you are dancing while you are sitting in your office chair. Squeeze your tummy muscles hard as you make circular motions. You will feel the burn after about twenty reps. Do this three times per day, and you will really see results fast.

Easiest Way to Grill a New York Strip Steak Perfectly

I am unable to recant how many occasions that I have been subjected to eating improperly cooked steak. For the life of me I am unable to comprehend how you mess up making a New York strip steak, when the process is so freaking easy to do. But then again, there are people out there that can’t even make macaroni and cheese properly, so this really should come as no shocker. However, I find it necessary – after my last bad steak eating experience over a good friend’s house – to inform you all of the easiest way to make an amazing, perfect, succulent and delectable NY strip steak every time around. It’s super simple, and your mouth and tummy will greatly appreciate it as well!

How to Easily Make a Perfect NY strip steak

  1. Select the right NY strip steak. Look for choice cuts that have fine, thin lines of fat in them that looks marbleized. These will cook the best. This is because the fat lines melt into the meat as it grills, adding tons of savory flavor.
  2. Tenderize and marinate the meat. Choose your favorite marinade. Then, using two forks, punch tons of holes in each side of the steaks and marinate them uncovered in the fridge for thirty minutes.
  3. Heat up your barbeque to high and close the lid, allow it to heat up to at least 350 degrees. If you don’t have a barbeque, well you will never be able to make a NY strip steak properly; it requires an open flame in my opinion.
  4. Once your grill is all hot and ready, reduce the heat to medium-high and slap those NY strip steaks on it. Allow them to cook for about 6-7 minutes per inch, per side. DO NOT EVER FLIP THE MEAT MORE THAN ONCE!
  5. Close lid grill for the first four minutes then open grill for the remainder. Flip and repeat.
  6. Once the time has elapsed, turn off the grill, and allow the steaks to swell for about two minutes with a closed lid. This will really lock in the juicy flavor.
  7. Serve and enjoy divine bovine, done right every time!

Green Envy makes Me Green with Envy

Who would have thought that saving the environment was so darn sexy! Well, with Green Envy’s latest line of fall fashions, it is not only cool the save the earth, it is hot too. These outfits all feature organic and sustainable materials, including organic bamboo, cotton and a very small amount of spandex, these outfits are earth friendly, as well as eye friendly.

Green Envy is one of the latest producers of green friendly clothing. This fashionable line of clothing offers a small collection for women and children, but they will be expanding. In addition, they are available in some stores, such as Macy’s, as well as online at

The green movement is still active in the world. The idea of saving the world has gone from the hippies of yester-year to the professionals of this year. The green movement is no longer full of old clothes that are worn until they are barely holding together. The green movement is no longer about the tie dye outfits, Converse Sneakers, and the Hacky-Sack. While these items still have relevance in some circles, the green movement has become the “it” thing for the professional and fashion world.

With so much clothing being bought, worn for a short period of time, and then thrown out, it is little wonder that a new model for green clothing had to be created. Luckily, Green Envy stepped up to fill the need for fashionable outfits that were work and play appropriate. After all, limiting the impact on the earth while maximizing our impact on our peers is simply one of the best ways to live life!