Dangerously Fashionable

Everyone wants to be fashionable. That is why you read this blog, isn’t it. You want to know what the current and future trends of fashion are in the world. This is good and respectable. Everyone has the right to look good and feel good about themselves and that is what fashion really is all about, feeling good about one’s self. There is a dirty little secret in the fashion world though. This secret is that if the fashion is used too heavily or without care, it can actually be dangerous.

The large eyes of Lady Gaga in her “Bad Romance” music video have rekindled a disturbing trend in the fashion world. This trend tend is ordering of non-prescription contents that force the eyes to open slightly larger and creates the appearance of a larger iris. These contacts are not properly fitted to a person and not recommended by any medical professional. There are simply too many risks for the eyes including scratching, infection and even blindness. This is a fashion trend to avoid completely. If you want wider and larger eyes like Lady Gaga, consider using eye shadow that brightens and enlarges the eyes visually without actually affecting the eyes.

High heels are the boon and bane of many women. The shape and beauty that the shoes offer are so desirable. These shoes can make a person appear taller and sleeker. They are expressive and fun, lifting the butt and shaping the legs. However, the use of the high heeled shoes over long periods of time can have a serious side effect. Too frequent of a use of these shoes can cause ankle and back pain, resulting in discomfort. They can also irritate the tendons in the legs and feet, causing extreme discomfort and pain. Consider wearing the heels at the event, but wear flats to the event.

Excessively dying one’s hair is fun. It is a lot of fun shifting the color of the hair to match a mood or an outfit. However, this can cause the hair to become brittle and even fall out. If you are infrequently dying your hair, consider using a soft hair dye with a conditioner. If you are constantly dying your hair, consider buying a wig. Not only will the wig allow you to safely and easily change your hair color, but it will also allow you to change your hair style without damaging your hair. Simply tie your real hair up and slip the wig over it. Some of these wigs can even be hard to tell from real hair.

Make-up is something that most women cannot do without. Even a trip to the gym in a pair of sweats and a tee-shirt requires some make-up. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it can give confidence and help a person to hide skin blemishes. However, not removing the make-up at the end of the day is also a bad habit of many women. This can cause some problems for the skin, including infections and clogged pores. The infections occur when the make-up is pushed into a small cut as you sleep and clogged pores occur the same way but with a pore in the skin. Wearing make-up is fine, but be sure to wash the make-up off before going to sleep. Too tired to completely wash your face, well, use a make-up removal pad or sheet to quickly and easily remove the make-up before bed.

Dressing well and looking beautiful is something that most people cannot imagine not doing. This is a good thing. Dressing well and looking beautiful makes for more confident people and confidence is true beauty. Using these tips and being aware of the dangers of not properly using the fashion can help to increase this confidence and increase a person’s well-being.

The Ever-Standing Awesomeness of Doc Marten Boots!

According to a website called Boots99.com—that is solely dedicated to boots, and really has an obvious biding passion for Doc Marten boots, which are perhaps the best-known and longest-standing brand of men’s boots (and now women’s boots, designer shoes, sandals, formal shoes, you name it)—they offer a pretty in-depth history on the origination of these fancy fire-stompers. I find that sometimes citing the pros is the best way to offer a great definition as to why these designer boots have become a fashion staple and mainstay in American society over the past 5-6 decades, or so; and have actually been used, and very popular, ever since they were first devised by a German doctor named Klaus Maertens at the end of the Second World War, in 1945.

According to Boots99.com, the history of these boots—which I ever so lovingly adore wearing daily—is rather rich, indeed. To better apprise you, sometimes you find a story that is so on-point and factual that you could not tell it better on your own. While this is an ever so rare occurrence for me, today I was delighted to read about the history of Doc Martens Boots and the infamous AirWair branding that has emanated from their popularity amongst consumers. This brand really has become an iconic popular culture fashion superlative over the past forty some-odd years, or so.

According to Boots99.com and Wikipedia, the rich and invigorating history of these boots is as follows; and after some fact-checking on the Doc Marten website, indeed this is the real, factual accounting of it.

“Klaus Maertens was a doctor in the German army during World War II. While on leave in 1945, he injured his ankle while skiing in the Bavarian Alps. He found that the standard issue army boots were too uncomfortable on the injured foot. While recuperating he designed improvements to the boots. He designed a shoe that was made of soft leather, and softer, air-padded soles. When the war ended and the Germans commenced panicked looting of valuables from their cities, Dr. Maertens took something truly valuable: leather from a cobbler’s shop. He made himself a pair of boots with the now-famous air-cushioned soles.

He didn’t have much luck selling his shoes until he met up with an old university friend, Dr. Herbert Funck, in Munich in 1947. Funck was intrigued by the new shoe design, and the two went into business that year in Seeshaupt, Germany, using some discarded rubber from Luftwaffe airfields. The comfortable and durable soles were a big hit – with housewives; 80% of their sales during the first decade were to women over 40.

Sales had grown so much by 1952 that they opened a factory in Munich. In 1959, the company had grown large enough that Drs. Maertens and Funck started looking to market internationally. Almost immediately, British shoe manufacturer R. Griggs Group Ltd. bought patent rights in order to manufacture the shoes in the UK. Griggs anglicised the name, slightly re-shaped the heel to make them fit better, added the trademark yellow stitching, and trademarked the soles AirWair.”

One final note here: I need to get my hands on another pair!

Kozlak’s Royal Oak Restaurant

Opened in November of 1977 on the property that used to be The Sandpiper Restaurant, Kozlak’s Royal Oak Restaurant is one of the premier family owned eating establishments in the Twin Cities.

Emanating a 1980’s mood with its opulent crown molding, plastic plants, high ceilings and bay windows allowing a look onto the patio and garden, Kozlak’s takes you on  a trip back in time to the supper club days before chain restaurants and hip food trends spoiled the pleasure of dining out.

The service is top notch, attentive and knowledgeable of the menu, wine and chef specials.  The dining room is spacious but lacking an intimacy that couples may be looking for.  The tables are draped in white linen, set properly, and carefully displayed for the sequential tour through the meal.

The appetizer of bruschetta is a bit of a disappointment.  The tomatoes are a bit oxidized and flavorless, and for a cold first course, curiously served on a hot plate.  The house salad is remarkable, somewhere between a garden salad and a Caesar, tossed with a salty sweet mayonnaise-based dressing refreshingly created by the chef.  The twin medallions of beef are tender and perfectly cooked; the mashed potatoes are real potatoes, and are wonderfully whipped, seasoned and piled high alongside the entrée.  The vegetables are fresh, and not a frozen boxed variety that are delivered to restaurants these days. The risotto cakes were boring, bland, and undercooked, lacking the enjoyable crunch that accompanies something grilled with Panko bread crumbs.  The White Zinfandel was a good choice to match the earthiness of the beef, and paired along with the seasoning in the vegetables quite well.

The dessert choices are fresh but limited. The apples, caramel, and whipped cream served Neapolitan style in a small chimney glass is elegant, simple, and a wonderful way to end the meal.

Kozlak’s also has banquet space, on and off-site catering and an outstanding New Orleans Jazz Brunch on Sunday’s.  Too find out more, visit kozlaks.com.

When searching for a pleasant, uncomplicated meal, with a menu that has a proven shelf life and a staff that treats you like a customer and not a number, then you will enjoy Kozlak’s Royal Oak Restaurant.

Vintage Shades Compliment Sizzling Summer Looks

Living in the ever so sunny state that is Arizona, you can bet that there are two things that I see most people always with: A bottle of water to prevent dehydration, and a nifty pair of shades to block the sun from their eyes; for that matter some high-rated SPF sunscreen is always must-have, too. However, what I have tended to notice is that many people prefer a wide variety of different sunglasses, which offer umpteen amounts of countless and endless accessory possibilities whenever you are getting ready to go out in the sun on a particular day. But when it comes to men’s fashion—and its relationship to sunglasses—boy do I see some really just horrible and heinous combinations! From cheap, plastic glasses, to the always ‘damn bro’ wrap-around sunglasses that really make most men look like they are about to go on a skiing expedition during the middle of July!

For these reasons, and oh’ so many more, I have decided to yap to you about my affinity for vintage shades. There are several ways that vintage shades can help you avoid a fashion ‘faux paw’ these days. And, you don’t have to spend your entire checking account just to get your hands on a sweet pair. This is a lesson that I have learned a long time ago, after losing numerous pairs of costly designer sunglasses, and fretting over them getting scratched, broken or misplaced. Long gone are those woes: Easily replaced by ordering decent quality, ‘knock-off’ vintage shade brands online for pennies on the dollar—when compared to their so-called ‘designer’ counterparts.

If you are a ‘brand whore,’ well you probably will greatly disagree with me. That’s okay, those major mall department stores LOVE to keep taking you to the bank by charging you $200 to get a pair of sunglasses that you more than likely will lose, or break within a year—assuring that you once again head back there for another pair. So go figure.

As for me, a nice pair of vintage sunglasses, as the ones you see pictured to the upper left, always suit my summer attire. And they don’t cost me a fortune. For that matter, I could care less if they get lost; I simply buy another pair for cheap online. And that’s that!

Picking the Right Fashion Purse

Purses are an essential part of getting ready to go out. They provide a convenient place to hold everything that a woman might need to go out. They hold the wallet, the identification, make-up, feminine products, hair products and just about everything else that might be needed when out and about. With so many purses on the market, it can be rather difficult to keep up with the trends and styles regarding purses. Learning how to pick the right purse for your body and style is essential to looking your best with that essential piece of fashion.

There are some rules that should be followed when picking out a purse. The first is to carry a purse that is appropriate for the place you are going to. You do not want to bring a big suitcase of a purse if you are going out dancing. The purse will only hinder your ability to move and will become heavy after a while. You also do not want to carry a clutch or wristlet if you plan on being out all day. This style of purse will not be able to carry everything you might need.

Other rules on the types of purses that a woman should carry involve the woman’s body shape and size. A small woman should never carry a large purse. This large purse will only overwhelm her and make her appear even smaller. A tall and large woman should not carry a small clutch or wristlet. This will only make the woman look bigger and taller. It will also de-emphasize the purse and not allow it to shine as the fashion piece that it was meant to be.

A woman who is more round in appearance should not carry a round purse. This would only make her appear rounder. Instead, she should carry a square or rectangular purse that has some actual shape. This will help to break that curvy shape and add more length and structure. She should also carry the purse away from her heaviest part in order to decrease the emphasis on that area.

Women who are skinny should not carry long and rectangular purses. This will make it appear that the woman is even taller and squarer than she is. Instead, she should consider carrying a rounder bag. She should carry the bag near her waist to bring the eye to her smaller waist. If she is light on the top, she may even carry the purse under her arm which will add bulk to that region.

Color is not of a small consequence when picking out a purse. Unless you have plan of purchasing every color purse under the sun, picking a purse that is a bright or bold color can be a bad thing. Having a pop of color is good, but keep that pop is a classic color such as purple, blue or red. Purses that are great for year round use include those purses that act as a neutral, tan, black, silver or navy.

Lighter colored purses should be carried during the summer months. This is because the lighter color purses are more likely to fit in with the bright and light clothing that most people wear during the summer. Darker colored purses should be worn during the winter months as they will fit with the bulkier and heavier outfits that are worn in the colder months. These are guidelines though, and not set laws. It is possible to wear a lime green purse in the dead of winter and a black purse in the summer.
The number one thing to remember about purse shopping is to buy a purse that fits you and your lifestyle. Do not purchase a small purse if you are then going to hate it because you cannot fit everything you need in it. Purses and fashion are for your pleasure, and if the purse is not a pleasure to use, then do not use it. Buy what makes you happy, but also makes you look good and feel confident.

Fall’s Hottest Shoes for Women

Woman’s footwear is always changing. Not only does a woman need shoes that fit her outfit, but she needs the shoes to fit in with the latest styles. The next season’s shoes are already out on the market, and they are sharp, literally. The pointed pumps are back! This classic style never goes out of style, but every now and again, it gets the recognition that it deserves as a fashionable piece of a woman’s wardrobe.

There are some benefits to the pointed toe pump. First, they help to flatter every body type. They help to draw the eye into a very sharp and strait line. This helps to create length and leanness, even if the body is not quite as lean and long. It also helps to add a sense of confidence and sophistication to an outfit that would otherwise be less so. This style shoe does not cramp the toes like one would think, but rather extends beyond the toe leaving the toes in the wider section of the shoe.

The pointed toe pumps and shoes do not have to be plain and bland. They can be more daring and eye-catching. These shoes like the calf leather pump from Luis Vuitton sports a large bow over the toe of the pump. While this does distract from the line that the pump would otherwise create, it does add a visual interest to an otherwise boring shoe. The Slingback from Stella McCartney offers the best of the pointed heel pump and the sex appeal of the strappy heel. Covered with small studs, this shoe is all the rage with the sleek and the daring.

No matter what style of pointed toe pumps you favor, you will be the head of your fall fashion class with these shoes. Easy to pair with everything from jeans to a suit, the pointed toe pump and heels are incredibly versatile and flattering. Enjoy them and this fall season’s greatest styles.

Hottest Summer Hair Styles

People are always obsessed with their hair or lack there of. This is why people who cut hair professionally have such rich success. At the same time, products and procedures that promise to bring hair back also enjoy great success. There are almost as many styles of hair do’s as there are people. Knowing what the current trends are can help a person remain relevant and up to date. This helps to provide a person with confidence since they then know that their hair looks good. This also helps to add the finishing touches to a person’s appearance, bringing everything together.

Women: Ladies, you do not neglect your time picking out a wardrobe and applying make-up, please do not neglect your hair any longer. The current trends include that long hair with a sleek shine to it. This is not accomplished by tying the whole mess into a sloppy pony tail as you rush out the door. Instead, consider putting a texturing cream in your hair and leaving it down. This creates a more sultry appearance that is appropriate for both the work environment and the night life.

Not everyone can wear long hair. For those who prefer the medium length styles, remember that retro is still in. Stick to classic styles. The medium length hair can be made more daring by adding splashes of color, such as red highlights. The tussled look for medium length hair is not a good idea because it simply looks not brushed, rather than sultry or daring.

Short hair can also be very stylish. Using the texturing creams and a gel, you can create a great and fashionable spiky style. The sleek look is also in for the short hair, with bobs being a big hit. If highlighting short hair, keep the highlights blocky and limited. If the highlights are all over, the short hair will make it look as though your hair is that color rather than being highlighted with another color as the base.

Men: You are not off the hook. If you are going to shave you head, please leave a little bit of hair on top. The clean shaven head only looks good on a few people. Instead consider a little bit of hair on your head. Fades are all the rage, with longer hair on top and shorter hair on the back and sides of the head. This can be played down for work by leaving it without any product and then made sexy with a little bit of gel, spiking the hair on top. Long hair is not necessarily a good idea for guys and the mullet is so out. Please, either long or short, not both. You cannot have work in front and party in the back.

Self Expression & Fashion Easily Attained with Interchangeable Belt Buckles

So you are looking to really up your fashion tastes, your image, and the overall appearance and appeal of your exterior, huh? While there are many different ways that people can go about redoing their fashion getups – especially in a day and age where one can easily shop online for nearly anything and everything they could ever desire that is fashion related and get great prices – an interchangeable belt buckle is perhaps a very easy way to start adding some real flare to the outfits that you desire to wear! For one, most people—at least in my experience—have little tastes for their selection of belts and buckles. Don’t believe me? Do some ‘people watching’ the next time you are out and about, and I am ever so confident that you will be wholeheartedly convinced. Back on track here…a great belt buckle that can be swapped out can do wonders for any wardrobe, and here are three great reasons why this is so!

1. You can really add some spice to your outfits. If you are looking to change up the vibe and the theme of the attire you are wearing, adding that extra touch of a custom designer belt buckle will truly work some magic for you; it’s like that last accessory that people often forget to add.
2. If you have a belt that can use many different buckles, you have some seriously hot options to choose from. You can easily look over your selection of buckles as they grow, and get that outfit looking sheen and pristine by adding a must-have accessory to the mixture.
3. Lastly, a cool fashion staple that I have noticed is that many people – men for the most part – allow their shirts to hang ever so precariously over their designer belt buckles. This not only accents their midsection, but it draws the eyes to look up and down when someone is sizing them up; perhaps that person they may go out on a date with later on after striking up an invigorating conversation with them!

Sauce Presents A Pair Of Great Music Events

Sauce Spirits and Soundbar
Sauce Spirits and Soundbar in Uptown on Lyndale and Lake is on the rise as one of the hip places to be in Minneapolis. The relatively new nightlife spot has quickly become one of my favorite spots to see music, grab a cocktail, or just chill in the bar. The trendy bar has a couple of music events this week that are worth checking out:

Up In Here, Tuesday the 27th of June at Sauce

Local producer Big Cats! brings his rap crew The Tribe and Mally along with him to host Up In Here, a free hip-hop dance event going down Tuesday the 27th. The producer known for working with Guante and Sage Francis is on his way to becoming a well-known name locally, crafting introspective bangers for The Tribe’s mixtape and his own recent album of instrumentals, Loud That Shit!. His work has always displayed the drum machine rolls that shine light on a love for dirty rap, which there’s certain to be plenty of here. Come groove as Big Cats! and DJ Pete of The Tribe trade rowdy tunes all night, all with a happy hour til midnight.

Rhymesayers artist Toki Wright hosts the monthly Galactic Soul Lounge

The following night, Wednesday the 28th, Toki Wright brings back the monthly Galactic Soul Lounge, his established night of hip-hop, soul, R’n’B, jazz, reggae, and more. This night has a cover charge of $5, but offers a caliber of show that’s worth it. DJ Booka B is going to spin Earth, Wind and Fire tributes, while latin rappers Los Nativos, Twinkie Jiggles’ Heiruspecs jazz side-project Broken Orchestra, and up-and-coming rapper Yakub bring more noise with performances throughout the night.

Both events are 21+ with doors opening at 9:30 PM. Sauce Soundbar is located at 3001 Lyndale Ave S.

Wigs Are In!

Wigs are the hottest new thing in the fashion world. While I would hope that no one actually dresses like Lady Gaga in real life, Katy Perry is known for her good fashion sense and great looks. Both of them have a single fashion feature that they share that I have to applaud, the wig. There are some real benefits to wearing a wig as opposed to actually getting your hair styled in that particular fashion.

Wigs offer a lot of options of the individual wearing them. They offer the chance to change the hair color; style and the wigs even allow the person to take on a new personality for a short period of time. The wigs are the answer for messy hair days and the sudden desire to do something crazy. They offer all this, without compromising one’s professional job or hair quality.

Wigs come in a couple different styles. There are the cheap wigs that simply slip over a person’s head with their normal hair pulled up under the wig. There are also wigs that adhere to the skin on a person’s face and neck, appearing more natural. Both of these wigs can be worn outside without much risk of them falling off, although the one that has an adhesive is less likely to fall of than the one without.
When wearing a wig, there are a couple things to consider. The first is that the wig itself fits. There are some wigs that are one size fits all, and these do not fit most people well. If you are going to wear a wig out as a fashion statement, make it a sophisticated statement and wear a wig that actually fits well. Buy a wig that complements your face and skin and eye color. Wigs come in a wide range of colors and styles, and they can even be professionally styled and colored to match your desires. Take advantage of this when picking out a wig. Always check for lose hairs when wearing a wig. Nothing screams bad taste as much as lock of natural hair falling out from under a wig.

Wigs are not appropriate for work. They are for fun only, and should only be worn when you are around people you feel extremely confident around. If you are not confident around those you are with, you will obsess about the wig, and not be able to have fun. Wear it out with the girls first, then consider moving on to other people that you may know. Family also provides great people to wear the wig around first, as they will be honest and yet understanding to your normally playful nature.