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About Richard Moody

Richard Moody is the visionary who built IamMoody from the ground up. His passion for fashion has no limits and is a part of him on a daily basis. Not only is Richard an expert on fashion, but he is a skilled socialite as well. Always the first to tell others about new opportunities, sharing valuable knowledge within the industry and earning a reputation as a successful philanthropist among the Twin Cities.

Whether Richard is speaking to the crowd as a master of ceremonies or promoting a product as an unofficial spokesperson; he never let’s his energy deplete until the job is finished.




If your interested in applying to be a model for an event, please visit our submissions page.

At this time, we are only looking for male models 6’0″ or taller and female models 5’8″ or taller. All applicants must have some runway experience and must include a resume.


The world of fashion is an always changing, always growing, always evolving industry. IamMoody can handle all manners of fashion coordination, event production, and management. Every event is fully customizable, so when you contact us for your event, please provide as much detail about your event as possible.


Events are only as good as the extent of the promotions for the event.

Promotional activities include various forms of social media event exposure, twitter feed posting, email advertising, radio spots, flyer advertising and much more.


IamMoody hand-picks every model for every event. We have an active roster of male and female models that uphold the highest of professional integrity. Partnerships with top modeling agencies allow us to select any type of model that fits the needs of any event.


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